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Very painful cramps, I have PCOS
dacipota4ever posted:
HI, I have been diagnosed with PCOS a little over 4 years now. I have been on bc pills since, and periods got regular. However, my cramps are getting worse and worse, to the point where I am being crippled by the pain. Iboprofen does not do a thing any more (even 4 200mg pills), and I am allergic to aspirin. I went to the doc in nov, and gave me a prescription to naproxen. I was fine the first time I got my period. The second time, however, after taking naproxen, I got hives in the right side of my face (which meant I reacted with an allergy), so I took an antihistaminic. The pain was not as bad, but Im scared of taking it now. Now this last time I got my period, it was soo painful I stayed in bed THE WHOLE DAY Wed, curled up in the fetus position, and the slightes movement hurt me! I had to go to school, and while in class, the cramps were REALLY BAD (I kept grabbing the desk, my hair, nearly pulling it)! I went back to iboprofen, and it barely did anything. My friends kept telling me I looked like I was about to pass out (including my two male friends from my group of friends/classmates) and is really embarrasing. While driving, the pain was so bad I had to stop on the side of the road twice. I've tried heating pads, I work out at least 20- 30 min at least 3 times a week. sometimes I do more. I watch out what I eat as much as I can. Are there any suggestions of drugs (please, keep in mind my allergies!). Any suggestions I can bring to my doc. I have an appt in 2 weeks, so anything so I can do my research ahead of time would be wonderful! Thank You in advance for your attention!
KJ5192007 responded:
I had cramps like these ... I completely understand what you are talking about, in fact I did pass out from them one time at school. However my Dr put me on BC and that help ... they were basically not there. I also took naproxen for them and it seemed to help the most but if you had a reaction I wouldnt take it again because each reaction there after is usually worst than the first. One thing that helps me is soaking in a hot bath ... although its not always readily available. Try take you Iboprofen a few days prior to starting your period sometimes this helps because the medication is built up in you system before your cramps ever start instead of taking it once the come. Sorry I cant be more help but I would definitely talk to your Dr.
Jen__ responded:
Have you tried switching birth control to a different brand?
gina1990 responded:
dacipota4ever:I have been diagnosed with PCOS as well. The cramps that i experiance get just as bad as yours at times especially right before i start my period. Tylenol, Ibeprofin, Asprin, Motrin, Miodol, and Advil doesnt work at all for me. The two things i have found that have done a little something for me at times are Goodie Powders and Pamprin. If you try those make sure none of them have Asprin in them. I cant remember if they do or not. My doctor also proscibed me Hopicit (bottle is faded but i think thats what it says) in big letters on the bottle it is called BUTALB-ACETAMIN-CAFF. That is short for butalbital acetaminophen caffeine. Ask your doctor if you can try that. It may work. I hope you find something that will help. I know how it is to get major cramps like that and are unable to find relief at times. I hope all works out well for you.
specialk4evamo responded:
I was recently diagnosed with it and it has been six months now... and at the moment I am having these cramps. I just went to pick up Naproxen and I am one of those terrified to take ANY medication but if there is a slight chance in it helping I'll take it..... It is so nice to know I'm not the only one and that THIS IS REAL!
specialk4evamo replied to specialk4evamo's response:
I know this is old.... but still.

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