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atypical PCOS?
Belle76129 posted:
Hi everyone - I'm new to this board. I've been TTC for about a year now. My doctor had me on clomid for three cycles, which didn't work, so I went back to see her Monday. She mentioned that I probably had an atypical case of PCOS, because of my irregular cycles. But, I don't have the normal signs. She said it was reversed for me; my body doesn't make enough of certain hormones, whereas "regular" PCOS makes too much, but the treatment is the same. Is this correct? She put me on metformin now and clomid still for three more cycles to try. I had blood work done in October, which was supposedly okay. I haven't done any other tests. Do any of you have atypical PCOS?
Schur28 responded:
Sorry I don't have atypical PCOS, but I would think the treatment would be different. Wouldn't you need to take hormones if you don't have enough?! I think I would go to a endo doc for a full work up. I hope you find the answers your looking for, good luck to you. :smile:
An_220471 responded:
I hope everything has worked out for you. I was diagnosed with atypical PCOS about a year and a half ago. With my regular OB she said all my hormones were ok but come to find out my LH/FSH levels are off. I'm skinny, have regular but short cycles, and have a little acne. I think they usually do the same types of treatments for atypical PCOS as they do with the regular kind. I've done Clomid, IUIs, and IVF. Hope that helps I know there isn't alot of info on this subject.
betsylee11 replied to An_220471's response:
i just got my blood tests back and was told i have pcos and i am also skinny not hairy and i do not have diabetes but i am trying to become pregnant i saw that you said you've tried clomid,iuis and ivf did u ever take metformin and if so did any of those meds work?
dhoping replied to betsylee11's response:
I never took metformin and i actually asked about it several times. The doc told me that it was basically for type 1 because it helps regulate the blood sugars. Have you had your blood sugar tested? Mine was completely normal. and all the meds that i took seemed like they were working..... but i never got pregnant until ivf. I miscarried though. The doc said all my numbers of follicles looked great for each cycle, with every different meds i tried, but we found out my eggs weren't completely mature through ivf. all that to say hopefully you won't have to go through all of this clomid works for alot of people and so do the other treatments. I really hope that helps if you have any other questions hopefully i can help!
Jessi10909 replied to dhoping's response:
Most with PCOS have high insulin but normal blood sugar levels hence the antidiabetic metformin. Has the doc checked your insulin? It isn't included in any of the regular panels like BMP or CMP, it has to be run on its own. what about your hormone levels on specific days of your cycles?
Dh (38) and I (24) have been TTC my 1st, his 3rd since January 2008. PCOS diagnosed March 2010, currenlty on Metformin 2000mg, Prenatal Vitamins, and 1200cal/day diet.
1980megan replied to Jessi10909's response:
I was diagnosed with atypical PCOS 10 years ago, after my dermatologist sent me to a reproductive endocrinologist. I'm thin and athletic (5'8" 135 lbs), but my acne was always minimally responsive to topicals, and my cycle is unpredictable. RE found abnormal FSH levels, and ultrasound confirmed PCOS. My insulin and testosterone levels are normal, I don't have excess hair growth, but I do have low libido. I accidentally got pregnant when I was in college and had an abortion, which has strangely saved me from years of worry about my future fertility (I'm 31 and will definitely want to conceive in the next 3 yrs). After years of curiosity/research, I am CONVINCED that atypical PCOS is the result of low hormone levels (estrogen/progesterone), and should not be treated the same as regular PCOS. Spironolactone gave me hives, but certain birth control pills have helped the acne/regulation.

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