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6 Supplements You Shouldn't Be Skipping
barbarastewart751 posted:
So that's what we're going to talk about next so you need to understand the hierarchy all arm the muscle and there's lots m words so I think we're all doomed is I will switch to haven't done this awhile but let me switch to a white screenscrum white screen new on get a felt pen pointer mom let's my don't know that I'd shoot my pan out home on need to get pen to rate with yeah its debts lines me to take it out I just don't see it mum I'm ok out ok cell at the top here I am going to write muscle whole muscle in my home also what I'm referring to islet's say the biceps muscle that lives right on the frontmy humorous okay this whole muscle group right here yes we magnify that and look inside loops the next thing we're going to encounter is that it's organized into baths that calls have to check my spellingalright inside fascicles are individual must follow fibers and remember GMAX muscle fibers and muscle cells mean the same thing and we're talking about this galindomuscles here once we get inside a muscle fiber constantly losing my little red marker here we go ok we are going to encounter my all by brills' these are protein fibers within the cell there are two types mile five rules are made up on mile filaments see how the AM words just get a little much here there are two types of mild elements that make up mile fiber alls Acton and myosin then in thick acting years then and miles and is that and that's just describing physically the diameter of these fibers that they make time now as we go through somethis material you might need to ground yourself and say okay where MRI make because we're going to magnify the inside all on the muscle cell we're going to look very detailed at the structure the mile filaments the act in their relationship with acting myosin because that's how we're going to explain how muscles contract I want to talk with a sliding filament theory is muscle contraction in order to have a meaningful discussion about that we need to understand that if the acting and myosin are making up the smile filaments mom Mooney cell how we doing.

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