hollylynn9 posted:
Does anyone know if you can take glucophage injections verses taking the horse pills they come in? I am thinking about talking to my dr about this since I also have a lap band. I definate need for liquid form of some form. Cant swallow the horse pills.
FrmGirl responded:
Glucophage/metformin is only available PO (by mouth). I think there is a liquid form but I don't know much about it.

Did the lap band work well for you?
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hollylynn9 replied to FrmGirl's response:
the lap band does work very well....although I have a really bad case of the PCOS so sometimes its a bit of a struggle. I would recomend the band to anyone ...especially those with PCOS. PCOS makes a person crave carbs ...then it turns it to fat instead of burning it. The band when it gets tight enough does not allow a person to eat curtain carbs, thus allowing us to lose the weight easier and more quickly. I love it!
Thanks for letting me know about the meds.
reicherd responded:
There is a liquid form of glucophage, it is called Riomet and is 500mg per 5ml (1tsp). It is cherry flavored and i have been able to get it at pharmacies in US
hollylynn9 replied to reicherd's response:
thanks i will look into that...that would help soo much
fiannakyn replied to hollylynn9's response:
I had never heard of a liquid version but what I had to do recently after an injury to my espogus (by one of those horse pills!) is my doc switched me to the regular Metformin (not extended release) then I had to crush the pills and mix them with a spoonfull of jelly. I wish i knew of the liquid then...

-the crush and mix with jelly will work with any pill that is not extended release too-

(for those that are going "What the heck happened?!" -I got an extended release Metformin stuck in my esphogus just past where I could breath (thank goodness!) and while trying to get it un stuck, I tore a hole in my esophogus. They had to do an emergancy edoscopy to remove the pill and I was in the hospital for a week on IV nutrients to let the tear heal, then for 2 weeks afterwards I was on a soft food only diet.
Turns out I have a weird reaction to enviromental allergies, instead of my lungs inflaming, my esophogus swells instead. I now am on heavy duty allergy meds and a steriorid for flair ups just like asthma patients)
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