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About to have sex
An_220528 posted:
I'm a virgin and I have PCOS. I'm on three medications which are Synthroid 125mg, Yasmin, and Spironolactone. I'm not overweight and my OB/GYN and endocrinologist told me not all women with PCOS are overweight. They both told me that there are some women with PCOS that are really thin. Before I went on Yasmin and Spironolactone, my face used to be extremely oily with acne. Plus I had the hair growth around my lip area. I had my menstrual cycles more than once a month. When my primary doctor sent me to see an endocrinologist, I took a blood test and he said my testosterone level was very high. When I first went on the Yasmin, it made my face break out. Plus I had my menstrual cycle for two weeks. Did that happened because my body wasn't used to being on birth control? I never been on birth control until I got put on the Yasmin. Then I went back to the endocrinologist and my testosterone was still high even being on the Yasmin for a month. So he put me on the Spironolactone and that lowered my testosterone a lot. Ever since I've been on the Yasmin and Spironolactone, my face isn't oily anymore with acne. My menstrual cycles are regular. My next question is since I'm about to lose my virginity, will the Yasmin and Spironolactone prevent me from getting pregnant. I'm not ready to have kids yet.
blondiebon18 responded:
Yasmin is birth control. It is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, if taken correctly, every day. Some medications (such as antibiotics) can interact with birth control, making it not as effective. Hope this helps!
Bonnie (22) DH (24) Dx with PCOS...After 18 months of TTC, we got a miracle BFP in March! Due 11/22/11, so blessed! Heard HB at 8 weeks, a strong 162 BPM!
nkotbgirl11 replied to blondiebon18's response:
Yes...I did hear that antibiotics will interfere with birth control. I asked my endocrinologist if it's okay if I can be sexually active although I'm taking the Yasmin and Spirionolactone. He said he's not saying I can't be sexually active, but he advised me to use a condom as a backup. He said I can't become pregnant on Spironolactone because it can cause many birth defects. I have PCOS...I shouldn't be able to get pregnant right? I was told it's hard for women with PCOS to conceive. Do you know if the Spironolactone and Synthroid 125 mg will interfere with the birth control? Synthroid I take for my thyroid and Spironolactone is a diuretic. I know they're both not antibiotics. Since I'm a virgin and I'll be having sex for the first time soon...what should I be prepared to do?
fiannakyn replied to nkotbgirl11's response:
the three meds together will not interfear with each other's efectivness.

I know why your doc recomends using a condom in addition -because when Spironolactone is used and the woman gets pregnant- 100% of the time there are birth defects. Its bad enough that FDC requests all women taking it to also take birthcontrol pills. Even me, who has NO EGG responce, had to agree to take BCP to take it.

I heard Yasmin has a tendancy to have a higher failure rate IF you do not take it exactly the right way- ie as close to the same time every day without missing a day etc. But if you do it right, the failure rate is less than 1% for normal fertility. PCOS paitents have way less of rate of fertility so I would say if you take the Yazmin right- the chances of pregnancy is about .000000000000000001%

I believe the avarage PCOS lady can take 2-5 years (or more) to get pregnant with optimal sex timing and regular periods when not using any BC.

However- if you feel ANY reservations- it never hurts to take other precautions, like keeping track of your cycles and avoiding having sex the middle of your cycle (the week of abouy 3 weeks before your next period is due- called the rythem method)
OR always use a condom. (hey using a condom also makes it easier to clean up- Boys are so messy)

Current thoughts are if you were DXed with PCOS early and put on BCP, that can help preserve your fertility for when you are ready later. So you're on the right track.

BTW- the boy better NOT be pressuring you into cashing in your V-card. if he is- Your knee needs to have a "talk" with his junk.
Vicky, Dx PCOS /IR in 2000 at age 23, on Metformin1500mg daily, 7th cycle on Clomid.
nkotbgirl11 replied to fiannakyn's response:
Thanks finnakyn for the advice! Do you have PCOS as well? If so...are you taking the three meds I'm taking?
Anon_164920 replied to nkotbgirl11's response:
I think your doctor also suggested that you use condoms not only for pregnancy protection but for STD protection! I think birth control and condoms are the only way to go until you are engaged or married or living together, something very concrete. You never know whats out there and with PCOS we already have enough problems without adding something that couldve been prevented. Better to be prepared than an accident...
nkotbgirl11 replied to Anon_164920's response:
Yep. That's true! It's always good to be safe than sorry. I was shocked when my doctor told me that it's a slim chance I could become pregnant although I have PCOS. I thought the birth control prevents me from getting pregnant. If I'm having sex for the first time...what would you all suggest I do besides using a condom? I heard it's not going to be pleasant when I first experience it.

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