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HSG scheduled for October 5th
maragayle posted:
I just scheduled my HSG for two weeks from today. I'm nervous, excited and just plain ready to get it over with. Is it bad to say that I'm almost hoping there's some sort of blockage? At least if there were then there would be an answer to my infertility. I've only had one ultrasound, but it didn't show any cysts. My husband and I have been TTC since the end of June 2010. It's been a long and stressful year. I've started to look into the cost of adoption and IVF. The numbers are overwhelming, and I don't know if we would be able to afford either any time soon.

I THINK my insurance should cover this procedure, minus my copay. My doctor's office requires I pay their portion up front before they bill the insurance, which is a bit cumbersome. However, even if this weren't covered at all we'd still do it. I'm just looking for some answers. With answers comes hope, and I'm just about out of hope right now.

Has anyone else ever gone in for an HSG? If so, any advice? The only advice I've gotten is to take a couple of tylenol before the procedure. Luckily, my office is flexible. My test is scheduled for first thing in the morning and I can decide if I want to go into work after or not. We'll see how I feel. I think I'm going to be more emotional than in physical pain!
canwedothis responded:
I've been ttc since Oct. 2009 and had an HSG back in January, it was pretty painful. I had taken a couple ibeuprofin before hand but was still very uncomfortable. I did not go into work after mine, I had pretty bad cramps for the rest of the day. They did not find any blockages, I would imagine it would be more painful if they do. I hope you get good results and you can find an affordable way to continue TTC.
maragayle replied to canwedothis's response:
Assuming all looks normal, I'm going to TTC naturally...unless my OPKs are still coming back negative. If that's the case, she's going to start me on Clomid again. I was on it with another doctor with no luck, but he was an idiot so who knows...could work this time! This will also be the first month we TTC since I've been on Metformin. As of this morning I've lost 18 pounds since being put on it at the end of June. I'm hoping that alone may make a difference!

What else have you tried? Are you TTC your first, too?
satah responded:
I had my HSG last week. It was very uncomfortable but similar to any other vaginal exam. I do suggest taking a pain reliever before hand. The cramping occurs as the dye is injected into the ovaries. It only lasts for a few minutes and you're able to watch the monitor to see if there is blockage. I did not take the pain reliever and was able to return to work immediately after the procedure.

Good luck.
maragayle responded:
Hi all!

I ended up taking the entire day off. For me, it was extremely painful. I guess women experience different levels of pain. Had I felt like going into work, I could have....I just felt like taking a day off to collect my thoughts.

The good news is that my tubes are clear and there aren't any obstructions! The doctor suggested using OPKs this month and said to call if I don't get a period or positive pregnancy test by CD 35, which would put me at October 30th. All OPKs thus far have been negative. However, the instructions say people with PCOS may not get reliable results?

My HSG was on the 5th, so 9 days ago. I'm still having some cramping occasionally. It's been mostly on my right side, but is occasionally elsewhere. Did anyone else have lingering side effects this far out?

My husband and I had the "what if we can't have a baby on our own" conversation last night. We've decided to keep TTC until July of next year. That will mark two years of TTC. If we haven't had any luck by that point we're going to start putting in our application to the state for adoption since it could literally be years before we were able to adopt. It feels good to have some sort of plan in place. At this point I think IVF is out of the question financially. I can't see sinking that much money into something that "might" work, not to mention my mental health. I'm not sure if I could deal with that kind of disappointment!

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