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Please, I need a Dr. in Miami, Florida, specialist in PCOS
yudita posted:
Here my story.
On my 30s I started loosing my periods, I only had 2 periods in 2004 , then my weight started to climb, hahhaha. I gained the double of my weight in just 6 months. Then, I noticed that my obesity was weird: on my trunk, abdomen and neck.
Before than that I talked with Drs in my country, because I was fit but when I need to loose some weight I noticed that my efforts always need to be extenuos in order to see any change. Then my periods was between 21 and 35 days. No one wanted to take me seriously, maybe because nobody wants to believed that a young woman, in shape, fit, who practice exercises for 2 hours daily, could have any condition with only 3 symptoms: late periods, weakness and difficult to loose some weight. I was MD in my country, I look for every possibility, and thousands of time I believed that I had PCOS. Nobody believe in me!
In my family, Diabetes runs COMO PEDRO POR SU CASA (as Peter for his home, indicating in some light mood that has a high rate between my family)
At 33 years old, I found me with 251 pounds and only 5, 2'; irregular periods, depressed, and unable to move any part of my body, just because I was soooo drained of energy, that I barely could go to work.
Once I have a serious vaginal bleeding, and my brother took me to his country and an OG finally diagnosed PCOS.
I followed for 1 year a diabetic diet, with Metformin 500 mg daily, birth control pills as indicated, and Spirinolactone for the incipient alopecia. I lost almost 50 pounds only with that.
Now, I am married, with 85 pounds less, sometimes I am so depressed, so weak!! in the last 4 months my periods were getting crazy again! They was of 28 days, now are of 35-45 days. The last Ecography(past year in Sept) did not detected any cyst, but a small mioma appeared.
I took a health insurance 2 years ago, only to take care of this condition, because I want to get pregnant and I felt that TIME is against me: I have now 38 years old.
I couldn't find any OG with PCOS experience, every time I called to a MD's Office, they only answered me: "no, sorry, but I Do not attend this particular problem"
I'm asking you for refferences. Any OG in Miami, who wants to take care of me, please.
I recently started again with Metformin 1 tab daily, and the nausea, weakness and dizziness of the firsts days, made me to skip gym for more than a week.
My biggests priorities:
1. Get pregnant.
2. Control my disease.
3. Avoid some complications that scared me so much such as Cancer of mama, ovary, uterus, Diabetes, HTN.
4. Get rid of my depression, have more energy.
5. Obtain the more healthy weight possible. I dream with 130 pounds and to take me a studio photo! or wear a beautiful dress again!
I read about you, guys. Girls, you are so brave, posting all the difficulties that you had, I felt the encouragement between your words. Thank you!
An_243647 responded:
Hi Yudita,

I'm 35 years old with PCOS and I'm trying to get pregnant. I also had a hard time getting doctors to understand my condition of PCOS. Now I'm trying to get pregnant,and finally this new doctor I'm going to (OBGYN) actually listened to me. He did bloodwork and ultrasounds.He confirmed that I do have PCOS. So he put me on Clomid to help me ovulate.
My doctor is in Miami and I can tell you that this has been the only doctor who took the time to listen and explain to me how PCOS is effecting me, and what the plan is to get me pregnant.
So if you are trying to get pregnant he can help with that. I can email you his info if you'd like.
Lu_87 replied to An_243647's response:
Hi An, I also suffer from the PCOS Syndrome.. I'm only 24 and this year alone I gained 40 lbs... the hirutism has gotten worse in the face and body, the alopecia also is getting worse, losing more and more hair there, and the periods irregular as always. I've spoken with around 7-8 doctors and nobody has been able to really help me with this. I would strongly appreciate it if you could please email me the information if you know of any doctor in Miami that specializes in this problem, thank you.
florida2001 replied to Lu_87's response:
hi, just want to ask did you find the doctor in miami who understand pcos issues? i live in miami and have seen a few but no luck
brusselssprout replied to An_243647's response:
Hi An,

Can you please let me know who your doctor in Miami is? I am looking for a doctor who specializes in PCOS.

Thanks so much!
brishiya06 replied to An_243647's response:
hello how r u it has been 12months since you posted but ive read ur story and im 24 and has pcos and have been trying to concive for the 2nd time can u give me the information to your doc please im looking for a great obgyn to treat me and have you gotten preggs since?
eligort replied to An_243647's response:
Hi An_243647,

I really need the information for the doctor in Miami. I have gone to several doctors but I just don't feel that they know much about PCOS. I need a specialist. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
nicole0823 replied to eligort's response:
Hi eligort,

I was wondering if you received and reply from anyone on this post and found out the information for the doctor mentioned above. If so I would love it if you could pass the information along to me thank you. And also have any of the women on this post have any luck with their situation since posted? If so please share I would love to find out thee outcomes
vanessa16305 responded:
dr spencer kellogg in baptist hospital... the best
vanessa16305 replied to nicole0823's response:
try dr spencer kellogg in baptist hospital in miami .. best one ever and i have been fighting this for about 14 years and has been the only one to know wat he is doing

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