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PCOS- got my period on my own!
An_240700 posted:
I got my period for the first time, not drugs needed. No metformin, no provera, no BC.

I spotted 39 days before the beginning of my menstural cycle the last time. I started in 10/4/2011. Ended completely on the 10th.

I am looking forward to buying the ovulation predictor kit and tracking my BBT.

Question is, with PCOS, since my period came on its own, im sure I had to have ovulated at sometime in between the last menstrual cycle.

I did some research and figured out that its very rare for a woman to have a menstural cycle without ovulation.

My question is this? Since I have only had the one cycle, how long should I wait to start tracking my ovualtion. Technically i am already on day 10 of my cycle, so when should I start tracking my ovulation? I hope I am not too late, but either way my husband and I have already begain "trying".
maragayle responded:
That's really kind of a loaded question. I'm in the same boat as you trying to figure out when to track ovulation. The tests state that you should monitor your cycle for a couple of months before taking the tests to find your cycle length. Once you know the length, there's a chart in the instructions to figure out which CD to start.

With PCOS, this is very tricky. I haven't had a cycle on my own in years and years. So, I started tracking on CD 8, which would be a 28 day cycle. I'm going to keep testing through CD 25. My doctor said to call if I don't get a positive pregnancy test or period by CD 35, so CD 18 would be the start for a 35 day cycle.

I know the tests are expensive, but the best thing to do if you're not sure about your cycle length is to test for longer than the seven day period. I've found really good deals on OPKs on Amazon. I get 20 tests for what it costs for 7 in the store. The other thing that is concerning to me, is that the instructions state that PCOS can give you false readings on the tests, so they're not necessarily reliable. My doctor suggested as much sex as possible....obviously.

Other tips: most tests require you to hold your liquid for four hours before testing. The best time to test is around 2 PM.

I've also been tracking BBT this month. You can get a BBT thermometer for less than $10. After compiling a couple of months, these can be informative for your doctor. There are free charts online.

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