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Daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS
mbfarr posted:
My daughter was diagnosed earlier this year with PCOS. She is taking Metformin Extended Release and Synthroid. My concern is that she has been having pains in her lower right abdomen. I took her to the ER just to be informed that since she wasn't running a fever that I was wasting time. All they did was a urine culture. Is having pain normal for PCOS sufferers?

My daughter is 15 and has never had a period. Her doctor had an ultrasound done and said at the time she was ovulating but that was 5 months ago and sitll nothing..

maragayle responded:
I know she's young, but discussing the birth control pill may be a good option. I have PCOS, too, and I'm regular down to the day on the pill. However, if I go off of medication I don't get a period at all. Since she's not trying to conceive (I would hope, anyway!), birth control may be able to help to regulate her cycles. Sometimes it alleviates the pain, too. Just an idea. I know some parents wouldn't be too keen to put their teen on the pill, but if it helps it may be worth the discussion.
eyeluvbn responded:
I too have PCOS the pain you were talking about, was it like a burning sensation and gradually get worse? I had pain start off a couple times a week for a few minutes as burning feeling, then it progresses where it did not let up for an hour straight and I had never experienced anything like it. When I got to the emergency room they did an u/s and saw that I had a cyst rupture that was the size of a ping pong ball. Theres really nothing they could do they gave me a shot of morphine to ease the pain but told me to take motrin when I got home if it persists. Well as soon as it ruptured there was no more pain and no more burning feeling.
LisaE40 replied to eyeluvbn's response:
also have pcos, and without the bc pill, i never got a period, and i got horrible pains in my abdoman....i was told it was cycsts bursting, and with the help of the bc pill, it will prevent the cysts
mbfarr responded:
Update: My daughter is now 16 and is experiencing her first menstral cycle. Her primary physican sent her to a endocrinologist who put her on prevera for 10 days and on day 11 she started. Now the endocrinologist wants to put her on YAZ. I have heard horror stories about this medicine. I called her primary to get her advice.
mfol6802 responded:
Since she hasn't experienced a period, what it could be actually is ovulation and pain from the ovaries since they are now leaping into an active state with the help of metformin. When I started, my doctor told me I had high testosterone, low estrogen, and basically wasn't ovulating. Around the time I ovulated my right ovary hurt, but it was like a dull pain that just lasted and lasted. Now that I am pregnant I have experienced pain on both sides which I assume are my ovaries doing a good job because during ultrasound my doc said they look healthy. Another symptom I got was SUPER PAINFUL nipples. Doc said that was because of estrogen now being produced at regular levels. Being a woman is so painful. Lol.
AlyssaList replied to mbfarr's response:
I have PCOS, and have had similar pain in the past. If you're daughter was not having her cycle before, then most likely te pain was not from ovulation, as somebody else stated. When you have PCOS ovulation doesn't usually occur. A more possible explanation is that yor daughter has an ovarian cyst, which is very common with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). If you take her back to the doctor, you can ask that they do an ultrasound to check for one. If she starts taking a birth cotrol pill, a cyst will most likely go away. My doctor has used that as a treatment multiple times. I have also heard bad things about YAZ, I've seen commercials about lawsuits for it.

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