LisaE40 posted:
hi all

about 7yrs ago i was diagnosed with PCOS.

I got pregnant at age 35, started off with doing infertility shots first, then we were on the verge of doing invetro, which we couldnt afford to do. so we stopped everything....two months later, wham....i was pregnant. i was so excited! and it was only baby!

Right now, and back then, I also had high prolactin levels(the hormone which prodices breast milk) i still have high levels, and was supposed to be put on meds for it, but the dr never prescribed them for me

2yrs ago, an mri was done, and a small nodule was found on my pituatary glands. i just saw an endocrinoligist in may of this yr, who didnt not order another mri to be done, instead just told me to do bloodwork to check my levels, which were high. I am wondering, is there a possibility the nodule got bigger, and could be causing me severe headahces one-two times a week?

The pain is only in my neck, and in the lower part of my head and nowhere else. any help would be greatly appreciated