What are my chances??
tiggerfan_06 posted:
hello, i was told from my doc that i have PCOS and so he put me on metformin. ive been looking up information about the med and noticed that some woman can get pregnant while using it. i was wondering what are my chances of me getting pregnant while on it???
jenkoelenko responded:
(this is all "from my understanding") The purpose of metformin is not necessarily to solely increase fertility. If it were given to a woman without PCOS it doesn't have an impact on fertility for them. Whereas, because we have PCOS, the lining of your ovaries is irregularly thick, causing cysts to build up and then (painfully) burst. The cysts are your ovary's egg build-up and release. PCOS means that usually they don't naturally release, but burst. Because you're on metformin, it should hopefully cause a more natural egg release, giving you about an average chance of getting pregnant. I hope this helps a little bit, (I hope it makes sense! )
tiggerfan_06 replied to jenkoelenko's response:
yes it makes sense my doc told me i could get pregnant but i need to get my levels regular becuz i was on clomid and provera it didnt help with my issuse it just made it worst im glad i got a 2nd opinion it help me realize that there is always hope and for me not to give up faith thank you
jenkoelenko replied to tiggerfan_06's response:
Never give up hope and good luck in your journey!