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Pcos ttc for 5 years
An_242465 posted:
I have been diagnosed with pcos for 8 years I went through it all. I'm tired and worn out. I have been trying to conceive for 5 years and no luck what so tired of hearing the saying when are you going to have a baby. I have been so depressed the last couple of months . My younger sister has 2 beautiful babies who I adore but it's just not the same sometimes. All of my friends have kids and/ or are a pregnant. I want to celebrate with them but it just hurts . I'm not looking for advise,arguments, tips whatever , the world is cruel enough so keep your mean comments to yourself. I just want to know if anybody else feels the same
jenkoelenko responded:
You're not alone. We all have similar stories here, and we watch out for oneanother, so you don't need to worry about mean or heartless comments. I've been TTC for 5 years as well, so I know what you mean... you want to be happy for them, but it is so painful. Wishing you happy and healing moments
morningeorgia responded:
YES!!! I've been feeling SOOOO tired lately - tired of all the stress - and just downright depressed the last few weeks. So I totally know how you feel!

I have PCOS and we've been TTC almost 4 years - We've had 1 pregnancy (ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks) over a year ago. It took us almost 3 years to get pregnant the first time, and I'm depressed thinking that it's probably going to be another couple of years before I get pregnant again, and then the chances of miscarrying a second time are high enough that I can't help stressing about it! I'm tired of people telling me that having a miscarriage is not that big a deal, and I'll get pregnant again. Seriously, they don't know that!!!

My husband has 7 siblings - all older than him - and they all have beautiful, healthy children (no problems!) - so they really just don't get why it's so hard for us. I'm on the slender side (a-typical PCOS) so they're always implying that it's my fault and that I need to gain some weight. Both his brother and his mother basically said that the miscarriage was my own fault. I feel so alone sometimes. Now that it's been almost 4 years, it's really getting tough to keep a smile on my face when I'm around them, and so now they're starting to think that I'm dragging my husband down with me. I'm so tired and stressed I don't know what to do!
jenkoelenko replied to morningeorgia's response:
Having a misscarriage is no small or insignificant thing!!! How heartless, if they meant it that way, to imply that its not a big deal or that it is in ANY way your fault. It seems apparent that none of them have gone through this, so they have no understanding of the situation and how you feel. Even those of us who HAVE gone through a misscarriage, we don't know your exact circumstances or exactly how this affects you... They need to have a reality and humanity check! NEVER believe them that it is your fault! and don't let their feelings convince you that you are "dragging him down". Sure, you will hopefully get pregnant again, but that in NO WAY diminishes anything involving the misscarriage, and it certainly doesn't lessen the pain you feel for your little one! If they can say that, they are showing that they can play favorites with their kids; "my one kid is fine and its okay if something awful happens to another of my kids". They need to show some humanity and compassion!!!

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