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MrsBurt05 posted:
Hi there!
I went to the doctor a little over a week & a half ago because of this horrible, nasty skin break out that I've had for an entire 6 months. It was on my face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back. I tried every soap and face/body wash there was, even proactiv, and it didn't let up a bit. He put me on an antibiotic twice a day for the 1st 10 days, then a different one I take everyday for probably 6 months, but I'm supposed to check in with him every 2 months to see if it's working. I can already tell it's slowly getting better, but what's been on my mind is that when I go see him again in a month and a half, he wants to test for PCOS. I have always had regular periods before I got pregnant. I have 2 boys now, and before I got pregnant with them, my periods were "perfect." Lasted only 3 days, no cramps, it wasn't heavy, perfect 28 day cycles. After having my 1st son, I started getting cramps & it was heavier. After my 2nd son, they last 4-5 days, I have to wear super tampons with a pad, cramps are aweful, and if it wasn't for birth control, my cycles range 24-35 day cycles & sometimes I get it twice a month or it'll last even an entire week. The past 2 years I've been noticing at random times during my cycle, I get crampy, like AF is here, but she's not. If I know it's ovulation time, I chalk it up to that, but it happens at more random times, where it just can't be ovulation. There have been a handful of times where it got SO painful where I can't get out of bed, and it feels like my uterus is going to explode. One time DH wanted me to go to the ER because of it, but I was stubborn & didn't go. Today, I'm having that same thing. It came out of nowhere! DH & I were ttc baby #3 a couple months ago, but because of some unfortunate events, we have to put that on hold for awhile. I did OPKs and it did give me positive results 2 positive days in a row, then a negative day, then another positive day. I thought that was weird, but, I got a positive anyways. Well, no BFP. Now, back to the dr. saying he wants to test for PCOS. I'm SO confused. I'm 25, I have 2 children, I know I ovulate, I haven't had any problems with my uterus/ovaries before, and he suspects PCOS? I have to say, that about 2 years ago, I lost 35 of the 50 pounds I gained between both pregnancies, but ever since I've been put on BCP (& having some back issues for awhile) I gained 60 pounds in a year. I'm now doing something about this weight gain after I stepped on that scale in the dr's office because I did NOT realize I gained THAT much!!

So with all that being said, could it be possible I have PCOS all of a sudden? I didn't think of asking him if PCOS just pops up like that, because I was taken aback at his suggestion. I guess the #1 thing that kind of makes me go along with his suggestion is the random, painful cramping I'm getting out of nowhere? I don't know. I'm just totally confused with my body lately.

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