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Can I have POSC?
An_243304 posted:
Hi, I am a 27 year old mother of 2. About 6 months after having my youngest son, I noticed I started to gain weight and started having acne problems. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about a year now and have been unsuccessful. I had gestational diabetis with my last pregnancy but don't have any diabetis problems now. I have always had a 28 day period but now my periods start sometimes 5 to 7 days early. Is a hormone issue a probable cause? I am really starting to fear that the doctor that delivered my last baby tied my tubes without my consent. He asked me if I wanted this done and I said no. But my doctor and I weren't getting along the last week of my pregnancy and I didn't have time to change doctors. He was rude to me the night he delivered my baby. A couple weeks later I went to him to get my staples taken out but before he came into the room a nurse came in and asked me to sign a post surgery tubal ligation consent form. I told her that I didn't have my tubes tied and she said she was sorry that there must have been a mistake with the paperwork. I didn't think anything of it until I suddenly became infertile. When my periods come now they are heavier than they have ever been and very painful with small bloodclots. My sister said she started having these painful periods and clots after having her tubes tied. So I don't know what is wrong with me. I will go see a doctor about all this as soon as my insurance kicks in. Until then, I just wanted to get some opinions. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you, M. C.
amandanicole624 responded:
I would say go to a Dr. and have it investigated. I have PCOS and they say once you finally conceive the problems become less intense not the other way around. I would definetly get checked out.
mcarey4622 replied to amandanicole624's response:
Thanks, so you're saying this is something that is more common among people that don't have children yet?
FrenchBulldogMom replied to mcarey4622's response:
PCOS can be a reason for some women to have trouble conceiving. Irregular periods, unpredictable ovulation, and hormonal imbalances are a nightmare when you're trying to get pregnant. My OB told me and my sister that after having a baby, a lot of women see their issues get better or even go away.
mcarey4622 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
Ok. So you're the second person that has said it gets better AFTER having a baby. I have two and never had trouble conceiving them. So that may rule out PCOS. Thanks for the input.
ksteinmetz11 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
I am not sure if that is completely true...I have 2 children, ages 9 and 7, and TTC with my husband for over a year, just recently found out I have PCOS and having a VERY hard time conceiving
scentofheavin responded:
Apparently, it is different for everyone. I just recently got diagnosed. I am 38 yrs. old. I had no problem conceiving my children. I had my first at 27 and my second at 28. It took no more than a month to conceive on both children. At 30 it was like someone flipped a switch. It got to where I couldn't do house work. I couldn't even make up beds without my head being drowned with sweat. My periods also were heavy and all of a sudden had cramping that I had never had with my periods. I had been having hair growing on my breast, but had been plucking it out. My pubic hair had got thicker and longer to the point that if I didn't shave it I would end up with a uti cause I could keep it clean enough. Then I got diagnosed with ADD and was put on Adderall. Oh my gosh then the sweating got even worse. That is when I seeked treatment. It was causing me to miss work since the sweating was so intense. I couldn't work in a kitchen and take a chance of it getting in the food. My regular MD had been doing nothing to help me fix the problem. So when I finally told him how much worse it had got. He pulled me off the Adderall and scheduled me a apt with a endocrinologist. He told me that I had POSC and that I was a borderline diabetic. So he instantly gave me a estrogen shot, gave me metformin, vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium, Chronium vitamins, b12 vitamins. All of this was out of wack in my blood work. I had been dragging energy wise. I couldn't hardly get up in the mornings. The Dr. said it was due to the diabetes and all of my minerals out of wack. Plus all of the extreme bleeding was bringing me down. Hopefully I will start seeing some results from all of this. The estrogen shot wore off in 2 weeks. It was suppose to last a month. I guess it is a trial process of change. So it must be different for everyone.
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