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If not PCOS, then what???
belannat posted:
Last year, I went to the OBGYN because I seemed to have all the classic signs of PCOS, abnormal facial hair growth (I actually have cheek hair), weight gain in spite of daily exercise (I now weigh the most I ever have in my life, 180 at 5'5"), and terrible acne. As soon as the doctor saw me, she noticed the acne and hair and said, "Oh, yes, no doubt, you probably have PCOS; don't worry, we'll figure out what's going on." I was examined (ultrasound and everything) and the next thing you know she's casually dismissing everything and saying, "Oh, everything turned out normal; you're probably just hairy."

But I'm not "hairy." I actually have an unusually light amount of body hair on the rest of my body. The hairs on my legs are so light that you can barely see them. On top of that, this is a fairly recent problem. I have always had mild facial hair since puberty, but we're talking very mild, light mustache and a few sprouting thick hairs here and there that a tweezer couldn't take care of. But about 10 years ago, the facial hair exploded to the point where I now have thick hairs growing down my cheeks and under my bottom lip. The chin hair is so bad that I have to shave and tweeze every day now. My acne used to only sprout during PMS but now it's become 24/7 and has flared up on my chest and back.

Something's not right here. I'm almost 40 years old and I'm developing more facial hair and acne by the year. So if I don't have PCOS then what? What specialist can I turn to?
jenkoelenko responded:
I might try an endocrinologist... because it sounds like your hormones are off in one way or another.
FrenchBulldogMom responded:
Go to a reproductive endocrinologist. What you're going through sounds like my sister. I have "mild PCOS" but she has the bad chin hair, acne, and had a hard time losing weight. I love my RE and I almost cried when I "graduated" from the clinic at 2 months pregnant to go to a regular OB. There's a huge difference in a RE's office and a regular Ob/gyn practice. They do more tests and have more experience with things like PCOS.
belannat replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
jenkoelenko and jenkoelenko , thank you so much for your responses! I'll definitely be making an appointment ASAP with an endocrinologist, because I really have to get to the bottom of this. Thanks once again. <3

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