How to get a full workup for possible PCOS from a new GYN?
RIWife posted:
Hi this is my first post here I;m seeing a new GYN in the morning and Im wondering how I can have her give me a full workup for PCOS? Ive been to many Gyn's over my lifetime and none have even checked me for it as being a possible cause of AF being MIA most of my teenage yrs.At age 15 I did go on BC to regulate m-i-a AF's and it did work for yrs.This past yr AF went kinda haywire showing maybe 3-4 times last yr with Nov being my last full blown AF.Ive always been a Plus Size girl so I dont believe the weight is the issue as im having spotting here n there and alot of ovary pains here n there.can I just ask for a full work up with bloow,ultrasound etc?Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question im always confused on what to go over with when seeing a new gyn.Thanks.
lexismommy211 responded:
The bloodwork should include TSH,FSH, Prolactin, and Estradiol. This will rule out hormonal issues and low ovarian reserve. An ultrasound will reveal any cysts, that is how my PCOS was discovered. My TSH and Prolactin were normal, so we assumed all else would be normal, until they looked at my ovaries and saw the masses of cysts. Even if you have been always been plus sized, this can be a symptom of PCOS and cause absence of menstrual cycles, although some thin body-type women can have no periods, as well. Hope this helps.