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rachel_janoski posted:
I just found out today that I got PCOS. I am very down and help. I have always wanted a baby . my boyfriend and I have been trying for 5 months and nothing happened. Then my periods stop. So I went to the doctors and they did test. They called today to tell me. I go back on the 26th. I scared that I will never have a child. Its very depressing, What should I do I need help.
ladybugtab85 responded:
have PCOS as well and also insulin resistance. my doctor put me on metformin in hope to help with PCOS and the other in some cases the metformin also can make you more fertile but for now im hoping that with the metformin it will help to get PCOS under control so that i could get pregnant So just think positive and talk to your doctor to at least get a plan so you feel some relief Hope this helps some
cnsjns08 replied to ladybugtab85's response:
I have PCOS too. I was just diagnosed a couple days ago. PCOS does make it more difficult to get/stay pregnant, but it in no way means you will never be able to have a child! My cousin has it as well and has 2 precious children! Just keep your head up and work with your doctor and everything should be just fine! It may take a little while but you should be fine!
mfol6802 responded:
I'll give you lots of my history! I went through precocious puberty.. In kindergarden I had boobies... first grade, at almost 7 I got my period. Bam. It was spot on until I was about 16 1/2. My sister has PCOS [deep voice, facial hair, obese> and I was always on the heavy side, although I played sports all through school and was active. I even weighed much more than I looked. I had a lot of muscle, a lot of testerone, but I was still pretty feminine looking. My periods stopped at 17 for no reason, after about 7 months I went to the doctor and she prescribed me metformin and Ocella birth control to get my periods started back up. The metformin made me poop which was good because I spent a lot of time constipated. If you take it, I recommend eating lots of fiber to avoid diarrhea. It helped me start losing weight. I got my period the first month of the birth control so I stopped taking it. The next month, I conceived. I took metformin until 12 weeks into my pregnancy which I think helped with keeping my insulin regular, which in turn helped balance my already crazy hormones. My nipples hurt SOOOOOOOOOO bad and my doctor said it was from all the extra estrogen, which my body was probably never used to because I had PCOS. It's a success story! My oldest sister who doesn't take her metformin hasn't had any children, but everytime she decides to take her meds she always ends up losing around 30 pounds. I have no idea why she stops, but hey it worked for me! I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and everything seems healthy and fine.
Natalie17608 responded:
Having pcos does not mean that you cant have children of course it will be harder. there are all kind of treatments out there that you can try i was diagnosed with pcos about a year ago the first thing i tried was metformin tried it for 6 months and it would make me sick so they dr said that we would try something different. i also went for a test where they inject dye in you to make sure that your tubes are open mine were fine i will be starting clomid in a couple months to see if that works for me the dr hopes that i will be pregnant after 3 months of the clomid

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