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Have you ever tried Femara?
maragayle posted:
My husband and I have been TTC our first child for 21 months now. I've had 8 unsuccessful Clomid cycles. I finally ovulated on 150mg, but only ovulated 2 out of the 4 times I took that dose. With the most recent cycle a bust, my RE has prescribed me Femara. Anyone ever use this drug? Any suggestions, success stories, etc?
FrenchBulldogMom responded:
I used it for 2 cycles. For the first one, we had a BFN with our IUI. The second one, I developed a cyst and my uterine polyps grew back after they had been removed only 3 months earlier.

Even though we had to move on to IVF, my RE prefers Femara to Clomid in his practice. I had really good follicles during the first cycle and we used a trigger shot to make me ovulate.

Keep us posted on how it works for you.
maragayle replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
Thanks for the feedback! I'm really hoping this works. The next steps would be IUI, followed by IVF. I really don't think we could afford IVF right now. If you don't mind my asking, how much did your IVF cycle cost? How many did you have to do?
FrenchBulldogMom replied to maragayle's response:
We paid $10,500 for 1 cycle. $1000 of that was for freezing any extra embryos. We didn't have any left so, we got most of that 1k back. The medicine was like $3,000-$4,000.

Out of 9 retreived eggs, 4 were mature and 3 turned into embryos. We transferred all 3 because my RE didn't want to just transfer 2 and have to freeze the last one. I was 35 when we did the transfer, which is the minimum age he will transfer more than 2.
We got pregnant the first cycle, with boy/girl twins! We knew going into the IVF that it sometimes takes a few tries to get pregnant. Our doctor was very positive and gave us lots of information about our options.

Keep us posted on your progress! Baby dust!
maragayle replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
Yikes! That's quite the investment. Due to the PCOS, I think my insurance will cover at least a portion (usually all procedures but no medication). I know that's very rare. Hopefully we won't need to resort to IVF, but it's important to know what your options are. Thanks for the info! Also, best wishes to you, your DH and those two babies! You must be thrilled!
FrenchBulldogMom replied to maragayle's response:
In most states, fertility treatments are not covered by insurance. I hope that your employer has purchased this coverage or that you live in a state where it is mandatory that it be covered.

Ty for the positive comments! My husband and I are really getting excited to meet the babies.

I just saw my friend who did 3 IUIs to have her son. She had to do several tries, but it did work for her. I hope that you have success with it so that you can avoid the cost and hassle of IVF.
maragayle replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
Thus far medications have been out of pocket, but any procedures are covered. My HSG, semen analysis, BW, etc. In reading my coverage, it sounds like IUIs and IVF are considered medically necessary for women with PCOS who cannot conceive on Clomid or naturally. So, I know the drug cost would be substantial, but it would be nice to only have to pay the deductible for the rest of it!

Just bought the Femara yesterday. $226.48 after calling around to pharmacies! There's a few more I need to call, but I don't think I'm going to get it much cheaper than that. I started it last night. Fingers crossed! We'll see how this goes...

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