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PCOS and Vitamins
jdpowers posted:
I have had PCOS since 2000. It was correctly diagnosed in 2004. You would think that Specialists all over this country would be familiar with all illnesses and their symptoms, but NOOOO. I was diagnosed with endometriosis, then when the lap showed no endo... it was back to square 1. I found a Dr. who was absolutely the best! High Point, NC's Dr. Jacobs!! I had wanted to have more babies but couldn't figure out why I had become infertile, wasn't really trying, but with sooo many mis-diagnosis, I wasn't too worried about having kids I was more worried about getting healthy again. Then after Dr. J found the problem, we recognized the not being able to have kids deal. He recommended treat the disorder and then try... so Metformin... OUCH... try being a Real Estate Broker and having to take Metformin! One of the side effects from Metformin is diahrrea. Anyway... kicked that to the side and tried Clomid. There's a thing about clomid... you can't take it for too long or you run the chance at having cancer later. Yeah, no that didn't work for me. So, last choice was surgery. I had a Ovarian Drilling and within 4 months I was pregnant. 40 wks later baby #3. Then 29 months later baby # 4 and I had a tubal ligation. No surgery or any meds needed for last child. Now... still dealing with PCOS... no cure, never goes away, and draw backs are... BAD HEALTH AND EXTREME lack of energy and DEPRESSION. Oh yes, it can mess up your chemical balance. So... I am still seeing specialists, I have not only my GYN Specialist but I also now have an Endocrinologist on the team. My PCM, GYN, ENDO... what next? OH BTW, did I mention that I have had to have 2 sinus surgeries to remove large cysts in my max sinus. Probable Cause... PCOS.

I have started taking Metformin again... no issues, I am currently unemployed. I have also added a regimine of other vitamins and hormones. Progesterone and Prometrium, and Flaxseed Oil as well as Magnesium. The Hormones, they are 100mg each ten days a month, then the Flaxseed Oil is 1200mgs a day, then the Magnesium is 1000mg a day. I have also had to take a mega dose of Vitamin D... that was a 10 day dose.

The vitamins were added by me, with the approval of my Drs. I researched the benefits of those vitamins and found that they can help improve my PCOS to help me get back on the track of healthy! The Magnesium will help me to break down the foods my PCOS (resistence to insulin) fails to do. The Flaxseed Oil will improve my HIGH Cholesterol (280 started in 2000, at 200 last year and we'll soon see what the new level is since I have been taking flaxseed oil the last 6/8 months). The Vitamin D Mega Dose was a prescription since my Vit. D level was 8 out of a very good 32. Yeah... I don't wanna die from anything and much less with help from a lack of Vit D.

So, now I see on WebMD that Flaxseed Oil is not good for PCOS patients to take... Why not? My "Specialists" haven't said not to, or have a sense of urgency about it. Can you tell me why PCOS patients shouldn't take Flaxseed Oil?

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