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me and pcos
ronicab posted:
in the past couple of months i was diagnosed with pcos. that was good and bad news. good because i had an ectopic pregnancy when i was younger and thought i could never have a baby. bad because now i have a long and bumpy road laid before me in order to have a baby. now the doctor and nurses are talking about flow charts and cycle days like i even know what they mean!!!! im so confused. i want to call my doctor but i fear that he will get tired of hearing my voice because of all the questions i have. when i had the ectopic pregnancy the doctor said because of the damage there was a slim to none chance of having a baby, ever. flow charts and cycle days didnt mean anything after that. now, ovulation and menstration and 20 other words i never thought about are being thrown at me like i say and use them everyday. i know i have pcos. im almost 35 now. i know i want a baby now. what do i do now? where do i go from here?
superhappychic responded:
I think what they are wanting you to do is chart your cycles. Most women are a 28 day cycle chart. So when you start your period that is day one and you can count how many days till your next period. Usually after day one of the period 7 to 14 days later you ovulate. I can feel when I ovulate I get a pain in my side that lasts for about 3 days and mine is usually 7-10 days after my period. I used to count and keep track of the cycle. I have my tubes tied now but I know I usually start at the end of the month or the first of the month. Each month you ovulate and it rotates month will be the right one will be the left. I honestly think only one ovary works now. I used to get pains rotating between right and left each month now I only get it on the right side every other month and sometimes I don't at alll. I was told in 2005 I couldn't have any more kids by a doctor and then 3 months later I was pregneant with my second child. I had my first in 1995 but several miscarriages in between. I hope this help, but I think they want you to keep track of your cycle and figure out when you ovulate a lot times I could tell when I was ovulating because I wanted sex more than usual LOL I I don't know if that helps or if that was to much information but that was a trigger for me as well as the pain i felt.
ronicab replied to superhappychic's response:
well im still getting used to all the terms and whatnot. its been a pretty educating ride, i guess you could say. i had my 1st iui today. its nerve racking. the internet and its infinite wisdom sure isnt helping my nerves. wish me luck anyone. 2ww til i find out, good or bad.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to ronicab's response:
Hi ronicab!

We have an excellent TTCe Community with an active expert. You might find more information and support there: WebMD Trying to Conceive Community


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