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PCOS, Hypothyroidism, PMDD , Metaforin and Sporlactone
superhappychic posted:
Hi! When I was pregneant with my oldest I was just 20 years old and I got facial hair on my chin my neck and on the sides of my neck and occasionally I will get these long hairs on my face. I was told it would go away after he was born. Well it didn't. I have so much hair on my arms that guys I dated made fun of me. As I have gotten older it has gotten much worse. I was going to a doctor to lose weight because I gained 56 lbs from October 2011 to January 2012. I would lose about 13 lbs and then I would stop. I was diagnosed with PMDD in my late 20's. They gave me a new medicine for that in October in 2011 which I thought caused my weight gain. Well May 25, 2012 I was diagnosed with PCOS and hyprothyroidism. They put me on Metaformin and Sporlactone pluse a thyroid medicin. They are also running more tests. Right aroaund my period like 2 1/2 weeks before I will start craving sweets and I never did but I crave carbs and junk food and I never ever used to do that. I started the metaformin start out at 250 twic a day now I am at 250 in the morning and 500 in the afternoon or night and 50 mtg of the spirlactone. I just wonder when do you take the meaformin in the morning with breakfast but then within 30 mins I am craving sweets and sugar and then I fight it and I think I become hypglycemic and I was wondering how far apart do you take the spirlactone and when should I take my 2nd dose of metaformin with myy lunch or with my evening meal. He has me on a super low calorie diet. Plus I get moody with the PMDD. Also right around my period during my pms or pmdd I will eat and have trouble swallowing my food gets stuck and I have to drink water to push it down and if that doesn't work then I throw up I have to get the food unstuck. Could that be another hormone? I am going to talk to my doctor when I go back July 20th. I just feel so out of sync. When I started the 3 new drugs June 26th I lost 7 lbs and in 5 days and then all of the sudden i started craving craving craving I have figured out with my shrink that I have a major case of PMDD. Most PMDD patients PMS is 10 days to two weeks mine last 2 1/2 to 3 weeks and goes til about the 3rd day of my cycle. I don't have irregular periods nor do I have cysts on my ovaries I do have fibroids on my utuerus and my tests alwsays come back normal so all doctors have written this off until recently. I used to get boils on my face or acne which I now learned was a side effect but I don't get them anymore. I just have the hair and everywhere. My periods are heavy and every month I pass clots usually about the size of quarters several times a days sometimes larger but they say that's because I got my tubes tied in 2006. I didn't ovulate for 4 years and in 2005 I was told I couldn't get pregnant and then 3 months later I got pregnant but always had a normal cycle on occassion I would have 2 cycles a month about 3 or 4 times a year but they said that was my body adjusting to seasons. I am just curious if anyone still craves the sugar and do I just need to give it time I give in and will eat a cookie but then eat a piece of fruit or drink orange juice when my sugar gets low so any help yall could give me I would appreciate it. I am 38 years old I have horrible cramps but they said that is because I had my tubes tied. I am so moody and on an emotional roller coaster I have insecurities but they are intensified with the PMDD and I guess the PCOS and now I realize why I am single and never married I ruin the relationships with this PMDD and PCOS I am just at my whits ends and was wondering if I could get some feed back and if anyone is dealing or has dealth with this kind of stuff ....thank you in advance I am ashamed and embarrassed with all these problems
An_255098 responded:
When I read your post, it's like I'm reading my own. I too experienced increased body hair growth during my only pregnancy. It's like, when I became pregnant, my health spiraled downhill, and it continues now 7 years later. Since that pregnancy, I have had irregular periods( usually around 35-40 days), HEAVY bleeding, spotting during the week before my period, NO libido, extreme fatigue, hair on my head is falling out, my skin is dry, my facial acne is getting out of control/ oily , insomnia, sugar cravings but then when i ear sugar i feel almost drunk and SO tired, and that's not including the EXTREME PMDD I get 2-3 weeks out of the month. I feel like I am dying. I feel inside like I've gone through menopause or something and my body is drying up. I just recently put all this together even though all along I knew something was wrong. 2 different doctors have tested my hormones and assured me nothing was wrong.... well can't be, maybe by their measurements I'm fine, but I'm definitely not by my body. I read on a post that taking 2000 mg of cinnamon really helped one girl with the blood sugar problems/ cravings and the n she takes 500 mg saw palmetto each day to help with facial hair and acne. She really sounded like she knew what she was talking about and had suffered a long time also. This has got to be what this is, something is wrong with my body, and I was just so confused why it started when I was pregnant?!?! Also the proper diet and exercise tend to play a big part. All I can say is identify the foods that make u feel good and eat those. Stay away from The foods that don't. I'm here answer any question you might have about my experience that could help you

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