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PCOS in teenagers
dezzdamona posted:
My Daughter is turning 17 and she has had her period maybe 10 times max,since she was 12. I have brought her to her doctors for Thyroid,Hormone levels,sugar testing and everything checks out normal. She has always been a "normal" size child until puberty. She is now overweight. She is the most active teenager ive ever known. With healthy eating and a regular routine at the local fitness club,,im tired of hearing she's normal just over weight,and if she lost some weight she would have her periods. Also im wondering if migraine headaches are a symptom. She has had a constant migraine for a week. And back in November suffered with a migrane for over 3weeks. We thought it might be her back pack putting her out of line. Now the back pack is gone and the migranes remain. If anyone has some kind of information on any of what I talked about,please email me if thats possible. Thank you very much Stephanie
saramitch responded:
Hi Stephanie,

I wasn't diagnosed with PCOS until I was 30 but I have a huge feeling I had it when I was a teenager. Besides the minimal periods, does she have any abnormal hair growth? What I would do is take her to your(or her) gynecologist and have an transvaginal ultrasound done to check for cysts. Have you taken her to an Endocrinologist? They deal with PCOS women and hormone disorders. Mine is wonderful and they can give you a lot of information. Hope I helped some and if you have questions, feel free to ask!

Lauren1083 responded:
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was about 14. My diagnosis became clear when I went to the dermatologist cause I had dark patches of skin in certain areas of my body, so the dermatologist referred me to both an endocrinologist and the gynecologist. After some blood tests the diagnosis was confirmed .... and it was determined that I also have insulin resistance.

My main symptoms was a hormonal imbalance on blood tests, irregular periods, the dark patches of skin, and a higher glucose level.

The doctor wanted me to go for a transvaginal sonogram but my mom didn't want me to have one done since I was only 14, she figured having to go to the gynecologist at such a young age was bad enough. I had the sonogram done when I was a little bit older and it wasn't bad at all, so my opinion is if your daughter is 17 now that it shouldnt be too bad of an experience for her.

Hope this info helps you and your daughter out.
stef_fitzy responded:
hi I am 14 and was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in april. i started puberty at the age of seven. I also was a normal weight at the beggining of puberty. I suffer with classic migraine . I had my first one at the age of 9 mine were coming every 4 weeks and lasting a week at a levels were normal for 3 years when they were testing me but I recently when to a hospital with better scanning facilities and was told that I did infact have ppolycystic ovaries. I think the migraine is related to the pcos aas my mum suffered with both so does my sister and a close family friend.

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