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ttc with PCOS need some inspiration
fox_rider133 posted:
Hi yall! Well my husband and i have been ttc for the past two years now but i found out back in April that i have PCOS. I am 24 and have my DD 3 years ago with no problems at all i had normal cycles and all. I know i am over weight and im tryin to loose it but i gained 100lbs in my first pregnancy. *OUCHIES* yeah needless to say i wont make that mistake again. I just need some words around me everyone is having babies and getting preggers again or for the first time and i am just getting super depressed about it all. I have been taking the metformin but i get hella sick from it. (i cant get past the 2 pill stage) any advice or words of encourgement?
curiousnmo responded:
Ask for the Metformin extended release. I was having the same problem.. I could barely take them at all. They made my stomach so upset. But I can take these extended release no problems.
fox_rider133 replied to curiousnmo's response:
can not get the release ones bc Tricare doesnt cover them. i have been on 2x a day and i am starting 3 tomorrow. i am just not a breakfast person....
DCR2003 responded:
I am in the same situation as you, DD 3 and been trying since out M/c in december of 2011. I recently got diagnosed with PCOS(august), even tho my only symptom is cysts, and longer cycles. I have been on Metformin since then and have had confirmed ovulation each month, blood test and temperatures bbt. Im lost as to why its not working. I posted about Male factor , so i jsut dont know. I too am frusterated. I also got AF today after a 38 day cycle, even tho my last 2 months have been 34 and 35 days. Met has definelty not shortend my cycles. Anyways, just wanted to let you know i feel your pain and i hope we can figure all this out!! Baby dust
curiousnmo replied to DCR2003's response:
metformin def shortens my cycles.. except when i have really had stress.. then it doesn't help with anything at all.
DCR2003 replied to curiousnmo's response:
Well ithought i was getting AF!! Just brown spotting once yesturday and once this morning, now nothing!! I am now on CD40!! Ugh, i give up, i might just go off Met, it obviously isnt working for me. My cycles have been the same, while on Met and when i was not on Met. SO im lost...
blueeyebaby replied to DCR2003's response:
Have you talked to your doctor about clomid or femera to help with ovulation? If you don't O on your own, you won't have regular cycles. Clomid or femera can help with that. Metformin can level some hormones and such out but you may still need more.

I did clomid in 2008 to conceive our DS and concieved DD with no issues while breast feeding. We have been TTC a third for over a year now. About 2 1/2 months months ago, I started seeing an RE. She tested me and said I had PCOS and needed metformin. I started with one 500mg pill with breakfast for a week then added one at dinner for the second week. I then added a second pill at breakfast to make 1500mg a day of metformin. It took a month to really get used to the affects but I kept looking to the big picture, a baby!! I went in after a month and they found a cyst so I had to take birth control for a month to reduce it. That worked and we are now doing 5mg femora to bring on ovulation. I hope to know soon if it is working.
I wish you luck and hope things work out for you!!
fox_rider133 responded:
update. i dont think i mentioned before that i was only getting AF 3x a year. Now that i am back on Metaformin 3x a day i am at about 35 day cycle and got it for 3rd time in a row. i also found out that i have to take my prenatals with it but now that they are back like they were before my DD i am misreable i keep telling myself its worth it. im glad its coming but omg i couldnt move for the first 2 days. and when i got up i was dizzy. i called my ob/gyn and i cant get in till Jan and she also said that we will discuss Clomid then. But now my big goal is to drop some weight before then. I want to believe if i loose some weight it will happen. But this is hitting me so hard bc my DD will be 3 this month and i want to cry bc she is asking at least once a day for a baby. Good luck to all you mommas. its sooo good to know we arent alone in this. I think the worst part is i dont have anyone to talk to . baby dust to yall!

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