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help please....miscarraiges because of PCOS
littlemarie posted:
currently 28yrs. diagnosed at 14 with severe PCOS (overwieght, extreme face/body acne, dark arm hair, cycts, high insulin,endometriosis, and other hormonal issues) was on pill form of BC for 8yrs then antibiotics caused us to concieve our now 4.5yr old son.(no medical explination for that working then but not now) For the last 3yrs we have had 6 spontanious early term miscarriages. (early term- first few weeks). We had tried progesterone to keep my period and ovulation going but the by the third month it was very clear it wasn't working. So back on the pill for a few months to calm some cycts that were bursting size (had 2 burst) than off again. just tried metphormine. it was terrible for me just two days in gave me severe stomach problems and blood sugar droops with dizzy spells and bosy sweats. Doc immediately ordered me to trash it. Through it all i still ovulate randomly even with a silent period (because of PCOS) Ovulation days can be sporatic like maybe day 5, 8, or 13. So now i've been on the bc pill for two months. My question is help!! No really am I alone in this? What is causing this? obviously i'm fertile however, the baby (i believe it is from conception) is being rejected. Anyone out there had any luck over coming such a problem or atleast can tell me some possible causes for this and how if there is any way to over come them at this point??
PCOS_lady_1991 responded:
Sweetie your best bet is to lose weight and metformin certainly does that. And let me be the first to say... METFORMIN IS HORRIBLE. But it does work. It makes you sick as a dog, but that doesn't last. You're like me, our version of PCOS is EXTREME to say the least. And thats why the metformin makes you and I so terrible sick. Honestly i've been on and off of it for 6 years and once of it I pretty much feel like I have the stomach flu for two and a half months. But I drop a ton of weight because my insulin and hormones are regulated. To me the only combination that really works the best is to have the metformin and the birth control together. A vegetarian or Low GI diet is also really good to help aid the weight loss process since women with PCOS 2 out of 3 times have a slow metabolism and tend to gain more weight from the same food than a woman without PCOS (Yeah, I know. Its ridiculous.)

Possibly the answer for you would to be get back on the metformin, but tell them to give you a much lower dosage and build from there. So instead of getting thrown in first, you can ease into the process. It will make you have ALL the symptoms you mentioned above. I tend to not eat because you cant go to the bathroom when there's nothing in there right? lol. But that is NOT what you should do. Honestly eating a well balanced meal seems to be the best thing. And oddly enough it stays down.

I really hope everything I said has helped in some way or another. I've been through very much when it comes to PCOS and I just want to say be strong and be so so thankful for the child you have. That was a blessing that many women with PCOS don't get the opportunity of having.

Good luck with everything!

Take care cyster!

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