What Can I Do?
An_248887 posted:
I currently have PCOS and have extra facial and body hair, and its really embarrassing!
Im now taking 3 different kinds of hormone meds, will that help the extra body and facial hair go away??
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
PCOS_lady_1991 responded:
Unfortunetly no

The medications you're on won't make it go away...
They really don't stop the hair from growing at all. Perhaps only slow it down a tad and help to prevent new growth. Once a hair has "sprouted" its there for good unless removed by laser hair removal.

The only thing I have come across that is known to help significantly slow the production is vaniqa. Its a cream to slow and prevent hair growth. Its FDA approved and has to be prescribed by a doctor.

Here's the website http://www.vaniqa.com/.

I'm sorry about all this. I really feel your pain here. I've been dealing with facial and body hair since I was in single digits because of PCOS and its become a regular routine for me to shave morning and night.
*sigh* it is truly a pain!! I think since this is a medical condition insurance should cover hair removal! lol!

But until that happens dear, we are stuck to our daily routine unless somehow we can cough up enough money for LHR. My suggestion is get a good razor (for some reason mens razors, although expensive, seem to keep the hair gone longer than womens razors. Odd, I know) sign up for living social and groupon, save up money and wait for a great coupon for laser hair removal!

Anywho, I hope this helped answer your question.

Keep your chin up! And good luck cyster!