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Getting frustrated with treatment
LookingForPCOSAnswers posted:
I have been dealing with acne, hair loss, unwanted facial hair, and weight gain since my late teens. I never realized what was going on with me until my husband and I decided to try for a baby, and over a year went by with no results. I finally was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago and began seeing an OBGYN for treatment. It has been a slow, frustrating process. For months now I've been taking metformin and spironolactone, which seems to have slightly helped my hormone levels and a few symptoms, and my cycles are more regular (although they are 20 days long instead of a normal 28), but it seems like there's still no sign that I am ovulating. I feel like my doctor should be doing more for me, like maybe there's some kind of medication he hasn't tried yet or diet that he hasn't recommended. I feel like we are stuck in this routine of monthly visits and occasional ultrasounds that have very little results. Am I just being too impatient or should I consider seeking a second opinion? I would love to hear about others' experiences with treatment.
PCOS_lady_1991 responded:
Hello there,

I know this is a hard time for you. I have had PCOS for 13 years now and started whenever I was 8 years old so I understand what you're going through entirely.

As for medications, your doctor honestly has you on everything possible at the time being. People don't put enough emphasis on research of this terrible problem but when it affects 1 out of 10 women and girls they really should look into it. I have checked for new medications and procedures to fix this problem every few months since I first started the medication for it myself 6 years ago. To me it should be as known to the world as breast cancer awareness because this too takes away so many aspects of being a woman.

All I can say is keep trying. If you're over weight the best thing to do is get on a Low GI diet and do cardio at least a few times a week. Losing weight highly increases your chances for pregnancy.
They told me whenever I was 15 that I probably wouldn't have children and my heart was broken for years until I happened upon a very sweet mother of 3. She had all but one half of an ovary removed due to PCOS because her ovaries were almost completely taken over by cysts, and still managed to have twins and another child a few years later.

So keep your chin up. I'll pray for you and hope that one day they do have a cure for our problem.

Be strong! You're officially my new "cyster"
LookingForPCOSAnswers replied to PCOS_lady_1991's response:
Thank you for your reply. I'm glad I came across this's comforting to know I'm not in this alone and that what I'm feeling is normal. I guess I just need to try harder to trust that my doctor knows what he's doing, and to remember that nothing is impossible...maybe one day I will get to have a baby, but it will be in God's timing, not mine (which sometimes is hard to accept since I'm such a control freak! haha).

I will look into that Low GI diet you mentioned. I've struggled with being overweight almost my whole life and I know losing some pounds would help my overall health, not just with my PCOS. I've lost a few pounds since starting the medications earlier this year, but not a significant amount. Maybe if I could drop even just 10 pounds that would help...
PCOS_lady_1991 replied to LookingForPCOSAnswers's response:
You are so welcome.

And you are Exactly right!
His timing is always perfect so pray for strength, patience and the courage to keep moving forward and all will go well.
It's such a touching experience to be able to have a child of your own. But after awhile, after losing more weight and staying on your medications and a healthy diet, if it all doesn't work out. Maybe you are meant to adopt.
It does feel unfair that there are beings out there that get to have children and they don't in the least bit care about them or deserve to have them, and we're over here trying so hard to have one, wanting a child so badly and hoping and praying we can have one to pour all our love into.

But, as I was saying, there are many people out there that just don't care and throw around their bodies and make these beautiful blessings due to their being irresponsible (the majority of the time) and they don't deserve those children they've created. And out there, there is a perfect mother for those children. And you could possibly be one of those people.

You could show a world of love to a child that they would have never received otherwise. So always consider that possibility.

As for losing weight, 10 pounds definitely helps! So go for it!

The more you lose, the higher your chances of fertility go.

I feel comfortable in my skin now (took years to be that way) and the only reason I want to lose weight right now is to be healthier. My weight has gone up and down due to my lack of discipline with my metformin lol. I always end up saying "This stuff is making me too sick and its just not a good time right now." But honestly, when is the best time you know? Adult life is hectic whether you stay at home or go work a 9 to 5.

Starting so early on having PCOS was just terrible. Gained 45 pounds in two months out of no where when I was 8, then a few months before I turned 9 I started my period. And I never ate a lot, never stayed inside, I was the outdoorsie type for sure, swam every day and played basketball ball. Then after countless visits to the doctor about my weight and him always telling me "Oh you'll grow out of it, Look at your mother, she is stick thin." I just said forget it. I'm going to work really hard, do my best to lose this weight, I dieted properly, I worked out 5-6 hours a day, began MMA training at 15 ( I graduated early so I had time) and still nothing.
I remember doing all of that and then I finally just said I'm going to keep working out like crazy and just stop eating. So I maybe ate 300 calories a day if I ate at all. I did so for 3 months and lost literally 3 pounds. At that point I knew it wasn't my fault. So one day, on a weekend whenever our normal doctor was out of the office and we had a big trip to go on that Monday, My mother had to quickly make an appointment and take my younger brother into the doctor for a ear infection, and somehow the doctor whom was seeing my brother began to notice my symptoms. I remember her looking at me and saying... "I think I know what you have" and after a few more visits and going to specialists I began taking Glucophage (metformin) they didn't have a generic then. And with what I was already doing on a regular basis plus the birth control and glucophage I lost literally 60 pounds in two months, It was Unbelievable.

Unfortunately it was so expensive at the time that after three months we couldn't afford it. And I gained the weight back as fast as I lost it.

Anywho, That's a part of my story.

I would really love to be pen pals and we could encourage one another to lose weight and and swap recipes for the low GI diet and all that jazz if you're up to it.

My name is Gabby and my email is

Feel free to write!

And I'm so glad I could help shed some light on your situation!

Have a great one!


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