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Told I have PCOS by endocrinologist but have regular periods
WitsEndHI posted:
I'm new to this forum and I apologize that I have not had time to read through many of the posts, but have done research in the past and read some posts. I haven't seen anyone with a similar issue but I'm sure they are out there.

I'm really hoping someone can help b/c I'm so frustrated and confused... I have been trying to figure out what is REALLY wrong with me for years. I'm sick of treating symptoms and don't feel like anyone is really able to get to the root of problems. I admit it has been very difficult to find a good doctor and it doesn't help that I've moved around and change insurance at least once a year (I'm a business consultant).

My main complaint is fatigue (so bad I sometimes feel like I literally can't get out of the bed), body pain, and weight gain. I've gained a lot of weight since my mid-twenties (like 80 lbs). I was about 110 lbs in my early 20s and for last 10 years I can't seem to get under 190 lbs.

Ok so back to why I'm posting to this forum. Doctors have tested me for a thyroid issue for at least 10 years but nothing ever seemed to show up in lab tests. Finally last year I had more tests which resulting in showing signs of hypothyroidism. I was actually relieved because it seemed to be the root cause of all my symptoms (high blood pressure, weight gain, extreme fatigue, pre-diabetic, Pale, dry skin, A puffy face, Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness (Arthritis), Muscle weakness, Heavier than normal menstrual periods, Depression (been on every type of anti-depressant... Currently I'm on Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Adderall, Lamotrigine, Klonopin... scary isn't it!!!)

I thought finally I can treat one thing which would solve all my problems

So I went to an Endocrinologist, which I had researched and had a lot of good reviews. I even paid out of pocket because I didn't want to waste any more time. So the day comes to see him and he sends me to get a lot more tests. I go back in to get my results and prescribed the miracle cure all medicine finally! Then he tells me he doesn't see hypothyroidism but does see PCOS!!! I said are you sure and he said it showed in the results (not the lab results below). I have to dig those up. Now I feel like I'm starting all over and to make things worse I just moved again (well at least it was to Hawaii ).

I almost forgot to add. I do have a few symptoms of PCOS. I have been having unprotected sex for a few years now and still have not gotten pregnant. This worries me the most since I just turned 40. I guess I have a little extra hair on my face. However, I do NOT have irregular periods. I'm actually very regular since I started having periods (about 10 years old). I've read this is one of the main symptoms. I did have a blocked Fallopian tube at one point that somehow came unblocked a few years ago.

I know I need to see more doctors and I feel like I need to see a Naturopathic MD but I am at my wits' end (see username:)). I have seen some improvement following a more natural holistic approach and even followed macrobiotics for a while.

If you have made it this far I REALLY appreciate it! If you have been through a similar situation, have any advice, etc., please reply

Also here are some lab results:
Cholesterol 214
Trig 173
Ldl 138
Hdl 41
Liver enzymes ok
Esr high 30s
Ana negative
Folic acid normal
Vit B 12 309 low
Thyroid hyper 1.14 (should be 2 and 4)
Vit D 5 very low

WitsEndHI responded:
I forgot to mention I was also diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I'm thinking this is just because of being over-weight but then contributed to gaining more weight and increased fatigue.

WitsEndHI replied to WitsEndHI's response:
I'm disappointed because I thought I was going to have all sorts of advice today. I forgot to mention the main reason I logged into WebMD yesterday is because for the last 5 days I have been having a sharp shooting pain down the front of my right thigh. When I used the symptom check it listed Fibromalgia as one of the possibilities.I had read about Fibromalgia over the last few years so I have wondered about it.

I need to get a good doctor in Honolulu asap. I am changing jobs again so Jan 2nd I will be starting with Kaiser HMO I haven't used an HMO before and I'm worried.

fox_rider133 replied to WitsEndHI's response:
knew alot of people that were on Kaiser HMO that liked it. i hope you get everything sorted out! i think i might have sleep apnea its 430 in the morning for me. and i dont drink soda.... good luck wish i could be of more help!
Livin4theKing responded:
So sorry for your difficulties. I wish I had more helpful advice.
My daughter was diagnosed with PCOS and does not have all of the symptoms either, but is struggling with increase in weight. I logged onto WebMD to find help in the area of diet.
I hope you find more answers. She also has low Vit D, fairly regular cycle, and the fatigue difficulties. She is going for a sleep study soon.
Hope you find your needed answers! Hers were mostly found in Livin4theKing, but she still has to deal with the trials of having PCOS.
WitsEndHI replied to Livin4theKing's response:
Thanks for the reply. Now that I've started my new job and insurance Jan 1st I will re-start my search to really identify if there is one main issue. What if I do just have many different problems that aren't related? Which is worse? When I thought my "real" issue was identified I was relieved and thought I could take ONE medicine to solve all my problems. I know I'm not just depressed!
Happy holidays!


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