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Have PCOS and hate birth control
An_250042 posted:
I was told I have PCOS last year. I have looked at symptoms and the only one I have is irregular periods. I have always been underweight, no extra body hair, my voice isnt deep or anything else. I was told I have to be on birth control because missing my period is harmful for my body. Since I have been on the pill I have been a mess. My weight gained drastically and even having a the flu for over a week I can not lose a pound, my acne is out of control, my emotions are crazy, I never feel happy..and i honestly can go on and on. because of insurance reasons i can not see my doctor for a while and I was hoping for a little advice from people who have either had similar problems or know what I can do till my next dr. appointment.
NelliB responded:
I can tell you that my body never reacted well to birth control pills, my gyno told me that there are actually some women that have allergic reactions to birth control. PCOS is such a tough battle, I thought I didn't have to deal with it anymore, have had no symptoms for the past 12 yrs or so, and slowly the last 4 yrs it has crept back up on me. I have poor insurance and doctors that just want to throw birth control at me. I am going to doctor next week (new doctor) praying that she will give me a solution. Sorry this isn't much help, but I truly sympathize.
elizadears38 responded:
Same here when I tried it, had the worst nausea ever, Nurse said it will go after a week, a month later no change still dizzy and ill from it except with a face like an uncooked pizza all grey an spotty. Not for me, I use mierva now its ace, its an iud but a new ine in a circle shape that releases a hormone and lasts up to 5 years and fertility goes straight back to whatever normal is for pcos people. Actually I tried a pill called dianette its for pcos ladies with dark hair problems on face and body but its only allowed 3 months at a time then a break of a month. Made my skin lovely and no nausea, its not made from the same hormones its actually meant for hair removal but has a contraceptive side effects! x Its hard having pcos I felt like I was androgenous really. I had them remove half of one of my ovaries it had a cyst the same as a satsuma, pure agony but got pregnant after the op after trying ivf and every drug around! As for your missing periods its nothing major if you miss a few its bleeding in between them you need to watch out for. I missed four once all my doctor done was take bloods, the hospital gave me that minerva iud and the dianette maybe it will help you too x Keep your chin up, big hugs xxx
elizadears38 replied to NelliB's response:
Same, I was diagnosed over 15 years ago now, when I had part of my ovary removed I fell pregnant and it went but its coming back now. My doctor really acts as though its nothing and tells me we will just see how it is in a few months, so patronising. The minerva iud works well for me or dianette it gets rid of dark hairs in unwanted places lol I had a moustache at one point and horrid whisker type ons on my chin, im only small and petite but I never felt feminine. Im in the UK at the moment its great you can go any hospital any time and be seen for free they have a few women only hospitals that have world specialists working there thats who did my ovarian 'shaving' operation, had to wait three months but he really had lots of options. I can call the hospital and ask a few questions for you see if he can help he is a nice guy xxx

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