Advice for newly diagnosed Pcos women!
britnyh13 posted:
Hey ladies I was recently diagnosed at age 24 with pcos! I went most my young life with no to very few periods!!! After finally deciding I needed to go to the gyno and get checked out two years later I was told I had pcos. My doctor has put me on Metphormin as a way to basically help with hormones and prevent diabetes in the future. I am over weight but healthy and have no other health problems besides pcos possibly insulin resistant and being over weight. I really have a few questions and would appreciate any imput. I feel very alone in this. I'm very confused by my doctor and calling her again and again gets old.
1.) why metphormine if I have no prediabetes or high blood pressure? My insulin level is only 0 .1 over the normal range. So apperently that makes me pre insulin resistant?
2.) methphormin is killing my stomach! I started at 500mg and was sick very sick but a month later it got better. I just started twice a day or 1000mg and its sick again!! nausea stomach pain and diarrhea will it ever get better? I do take it with a full meal and lactose free milk.
3.) I am taking a multi vitamin...b-complex and, hair skin and nails vitamins. I don't believe anything is effecting the meds and I make sure to take my vitamins two or more hours after my met.
4.) I'm on my third month of met and no weight loss...not a lb and before it I was losing some.I eat healthy quite healthy so I'm confused? any one else lose no weight on it?

Ik this is a lot of stuff but I'm just worried and very alone with this new problem. I am usually a very confident and positive girl but all this stuff is worring me.....any help would be great!