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Jess08 posted:
I am in search of advice. I went to the doctor 3 years ago for irregular periods. I was informed that i had high testerone.. Doctory did not diagonise me with any sort of condition. I have read a few posts on here and do hear very similiar situations i have. I have extreme amout of excess hair, irregular periods ( that could last up to 1 year from one to one). I recently got married 2 years ago. We have not tried getting pregnant in the last 2 year because we tried 1 1/2 yr before we got married and it was very emational to keep trying and having to luck. When searching for a doctor, what exact kind of doctor will i be looking for? When getting prescribed medicine will it take away the excess hair? it is the worst thing every.. I feel i have to always be hiding from it. I am in desperate need of some advice. Simply getting some self-esteem back.

Thank you so much for listening and hope to get some good adivce.
iheartcookies responded:
You should see an endocrinologist, and if you want to try to conceive, look for a reproductive endocrinologist.

Regarding excess hair, there is medication that can be prescribed, but I've been told by two endocrinologists that I'd be better off getting laser hair removal. Apparently the medication can interfere with body functions, and requires getting a monthly blood test to monitor your levels.
wndywndy responded:
Jess, Im 52 yrs. old and have had PCOS since a teenager. I have the same symptoms that you have. I have bought everything , thru the yrs. , that been put on the market for hair removal. NOTHING worked. I wasted a lot of money by trying everything that said "hair removal" on it. Please don't waste you money on anything that promises hair removal. Over a period of probably 15 yrs. or longer I went to a dermatologist for laser. I couldn't afford to go but maybe 3 or 4 times a yr. because it is very expensive. Back in March I purchased a home laser to do it myself. Wished Id known about these devices earlier. They do work and they save you LOTS of money. They can range from 3 to 500 dollars but still a lot cheaper than going and having it professionally done. I truly empathize with what your going thru. The hair growth alone burried my self esteem six foot under. Bless you , Dear.

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