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Bleeding for 4 Months Straight
PhnxTears posted:
Hello All! I was diagnosed with PCOS over 2 years ago and have been to 3 different doctors trying to find a way to "fix " me. I have irregular bleeding to the point where I bleed for months and maybe get one or two days that are super light or there is no bleeding at all about every 2 or 3 months. Other than that I am menstrating everyday. My first doctor gave me Loestra which caused me to bleed extremely heavy to where I was over bleeding onto my pants. Then we switched to Ortho-tricylcin (sp that sorry) which lessened my bleeding but even after the 3 month time frame I was still breaking through with bleeding.

So I decided to go to a fertility specialist who specialized in PCOS. I'm not trying to get pregnant and I really don't ever want to have kids. I'm only 22 right now. But I thought she would be good because she is supposed to specialize in it. She placed me on Metformin which then caused me to not bleed at all. Which I wasn't complaining too much about but I do worry about not bleeding and the possibility of gettting cancer for not replacing my lining.

SO.. then I went to another gyn whom a friend suggested. With her now, I am on FemCon for Birthcontrol and it is causing me the same problems that Loestra did. And the nurse claims the Dr may want me to stick it out for a few months to see if it slows any. I have only been on the active pills for two weeks and I am already overbleeding on my pants. I don't feel a few more months is going to do anything at all but cause me embarassment at work and the need to replace all of my panties and pants.

There has to be someone out here who is going through what I am with not being able to stop bleeding. I have been going through this for over 2 years. I can't be alone. Is there anyone who can help me or knows someone who is like me? I am beginning to wonder if it really is all PCOS related. I've been checked for Thyroid, I'm not anemic, and I've been tested for cancer as well.

I feel like it is too soon for my body to be falling apart on me like this. Please help me.
ElishaR29 responded:
Hi , Sorry to hear what you are going through , I have my self the bleeding problems . I got two to three months of not bleeding , Then two to three months of bleeding .. Mine is explained just like yours . I keep going to the obgyn and they tell me its because I am too big .. Not so because most big girls do not have a problem except not bleeding . About 5 years ago I had surgery because of the problem .. I had alot of scare tissue and cist , How ever you spell it .. No again I am having issue .. I have been bleeding four months none stop .. It is getting on my nerves . I am so weak I do not even want to move anymore . Wish they would just fix me for good .
melrobmama replied to ElishaR29's response:
Has anyone told you to take iron pills? I had the same issues you are having and I solved it by simply taking iron pills! When we bleed heavy we are lossing lot of iron. We have to replace it or it makes the bleeding worse. I hope this helps.
snapmusician responded:
OMG....i thot i was da onli one with these symptoms....seriousli.....its depressing for go to da bathroom and too young fa all of onli 21....and i hav been going thru dis for 7 years in debt with hospital/doctor all dey do is try to put me on birth controll pills, which i tell dem it doesnt work......actuali if i take any kind of pill it makes the bleeding worse...i have neva cramped in my stomach it has always been in my virgina....and da docs looks at me like im crazi....iron pills didnt seem to help me now im missin out of work....which i cant afford to do.......WE NEED SOME HELP.....WHERE CAN WE GET IT FROM?
Ayan26 responded:
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19 in 2005. I bled for two months, and was hauled into the ER. I was put on Loeveril (sp), twice daily, and it stopped. I kept going to my GYN and was on three other birth control pills, and my bleeding (amazingly enough) actually became "normal." Then my mother died, and I didn't have insurance, and I couldn't afford my perscriptions--I made too much for government assistance (still do!), and made/make too little to afford anything. So I stopped taking my pills, and was fine for about six months. Then the bleeding started and kept going. I'm still bleeding badly. My husband is freaking out, I'm freaking out. I finally got put on Tri-Ortho, and we'll see if that works. It's about a week in.

I'm not writing this to say that it doesn't get better, or to have sympathy. I'm letting you know that you're not alone. It's annoying to not have the energy (even with iron supplements) to get out of bed, much less take care of anything. Moreoever, it's scary. But you're really, REALLY not alone.

Ultimately, I'm going to try to get a full hysterectomy. Just pull all of it. I don't want kids. And if I don't have the parts malfunctioning, then I don't have the issue. The only problem is cost.
rosabla replied to Ayan26's response:
I to am having bleeding problems, but im not in the 20s,im already gonna be 52. I thought i was going through manopause already, but according to my gyn thats not my case. I just wanted to tell you i know the easiest thing to do is get a hysterectomy, but make sure to find out all u can about It especially if you are removing your ovaries. Once you remove your ovaries if u dont take hormone pills you will go through alot of different problems. I havent gotten one done, but i know someone that did and it didnt go well for her. Im not saying it will be the same for you, but please look into it first and 0f course if thats the last resort cant do anything about it, but dont do it thinking that that will solve all your problems. Like i said this is if they have to remove your ovaries. Hope everything goes well for you.
Tazzetti1 responded:
Im 16 and been bleedin for almost 5 months straight non-stop, First i was on the depo shot then changed to the pills then back to the depo shot and it all started with the horrible cramps and bleeding..
I went to the doctors and they took blood from me to see if Im a anemic (however u spell it) but they said I wasnt... So my mom and dad took me off the birth control... we thought maybe i would stop but never did... Now im tryin to take the rest of my birth control pills from when i was on it before the depo shot.... I have been feeling light headed and dizzy alot... I dont know if i should take iron pills ... Im only 16 and im scared im loosing my life and i dont relize it...
aldoniab responded:
I'm really sorry to hear about what your going through I'm going through the same thing its been going on off an on since I was 16. Lately I haven't stoped bleeding an its been 5 months. I keep hoping it will stop because I don't have insurance or a doctor an its making it hard to live a normal life. Does anyone have any suggestions
Mercare responded:
Hi, I know what you are going thru. I have abnormal periods since I was 12 yrs old. I don't bleed for more than 3 months and when I get it it doesn't stop by itself and is very painfull. I'm 36yrs old and it gets worst I think bcontrol pill and metformin makes it worst, it's all about living a healthy life style and treat it by taking supplements and excersing.There's websites u can find helpful information. Just educate yourself doctors only knows to prescribe bcontrol pills and metformin and tell you to excercise and eat healthy. You are not alone, years ago I never new anyone with Pcos and there was no information about it like now.
Mercare replied to aldoniab's response:
Hi, I have pcos too. U have to regulate ASAP ! Why u don't have health insurance ? Can u go to the ER? Or find a free clinic, or apply for health insurance. I work for a manage care plan, I can help you if you live in New York .
ahall1000 responded:

Hello, you are NOT the only one... I am 42 almost 43 and I have PCOS too! I go through the same problems as well... I cannot stress how Important it is for you to learn about Essential Oils, do not go to the Doctors!!! I do not take any prescribed drugs! It would be nice if we could chat:
skygidg10 responded:
I always thought I was alone too, I never even heard of PCOS. I have been bleeding for a year or more (this time) before that with meds maybe not for a month but before that month another year with it. I bleed constant for weeks at a time. A few days of light (not spoting) but light bleeding and then right back to heavy again. I have huge clots and when not they are little tiny spekles of clots. I am tired all the time. Recently gained some weight but was like this before.
I was never put on any of these meds all are talking about just Provera and Prometrium (from old Dr.) I saw a new Doctor today and after some test we will know. What do any of you reccomend is the best meds to take (vs' side effects etc)?? I want to have a child someday but not sure if I can with all this going on. As in I don't want to do the hysterictomy thing just yet!!!
healthyliving1q responded:
Hi, Sad to hear this trust me i have gone thru this and i still am... Right from menstruation i have heavy bleeding that just doesn't stop. I have to take injections or medicines to forcefully stop my bleeding.
Tried the best gynecologists and spent hell a lot of money... Its very depressing and every year i try a new doc, tried OC pills for years and still dint help... All that the doc says is get married (I'm 26) and i dont think thats a solution to the problem isnt it?
Well after lot of research my mom dad found some native medicine since i ve given up hope on doctors i have started trying this.... i'm on the 5th day of medicine gottu take this for 48 days... i will repost if this works gals..... I kinda have lot of faith on this....!! Please don give up hope ur body isnt falling apart if there is a problem the solution is definitely out there somewhere... Cheer up...
meganashcraft replied to healthyliving1q's response:
Hello there,

I was diagnosed with pcos at the age of 14 after I ruptured a cyst during a military camp. I was taken to the doctor for ultrasounds, of course they found cysts on both sides of my ovaries and gave me medicine. At the age of 16 I found out that the medicine that I had been taking for 2yrs was birth control... I was confused & angry with my mother for not telling me but being that I was so young I no longer resent her for leaving that out. Well I am now 21 years old and still battling with this pcos everyday of my life. I took the bc consistently for about 2 1/2 years and my periods were regular, when I turned 17 I stopped taking it since I had moved out of my house and no longer had insurance and money to pay for it. For about 8 months after I stopped taking the bc my periods were normal. After that they went down hill and became very long and irregular. I got back on the bc and continued taking it until January of this year, I went to my obgyn and she recommended that I quit taking it since I had been bleeding for nearly 5 months. I did as she said and about a week later it stopped! I was thrilled, she wanted me to come back for a progesterone test on day 29 of my cycle but I missed the appointment and a few days later began bleeding again! I have now been bleeding since April (about 4 months now) and no longer have insurance! Long story short... I have now become anemic, my hormones are very imbalanced and I won't stop bleeding. I feel terrible for my husband & I feel less of a woman everyday. I wish something would work besides a hysterectomy because I'd like to have kids in the future! Has anyone been able to find a way to stop bleeding without surgery yet?
soniya123 responded:
sorry to hear about you, but dear i got the same problem,
i am bleeding for 5 months still i am on my periods .....
I did the ultra scan everything but they couldnt find the problem.
they just said i have some lining problem.....
if anyone can help me and can explain me about lining in ovaries...due to that i am not getting pregnant...

please help me...

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