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Mason is here!
horseygirlwanted posted:
Long birth story later, but Mason Louis was born last night at 9:48 pm, weighing 8lbs 9oz, and was 21 inches long. It was a LONG 2 hours pushing, almost a c/s but he is fine and beautiful. I am a little sore but still doing pretty good.

First nursing wasn't that great but he caught right on this morning so wish us luck. He is such a chunker.

Induction really wasn't that bad, full story when we get home and I have a little more time. Lots of family coming by today.

JENNIFER>I hope you are pg!!! Can't wait to hear about the doctor's appt.

Chat more later ladies, off to get to know my new son.
mombare23015 responded:
Welcome to the world Mason!! We have been waiting for you

Congrats Hope!!! Im glad he is finally here. Enjoy that beautiful baby boy
catherinemcc responded:

You sound great! Enjoy this time!!!

jturns responded:
Hope that is excellent, I am so happy for you!! I know he is simply beautiful!! Please give us a long birth story once you and Mason get acquainted and he is sleeping!!!

Congrats to you and DH and definitely to MASON!!!

Jennifer (36) DH (40) DS 2 Shawn (13) Kirk (7) baby #3 ITS A BOY 4-23-2009, ETA 9-21-2009. GOD IS GREAT, ALL OF THE TIME!!!!
josirus responded:
congrats and welcome mason
Cadesmom0924 responded:
Whoooo HOOOOOOO!!!! I am so happy that he is finally hear!! I actually cried when I read that you had him. Can't wait to hear more and see pictures of the little man!

Good luck to you and try and get plenty of rest and just enjoy bonding and getting to know Mason now that he is in your arms.

With regards to me...we will see next week. Regardless I won't tell my hubby until next week when it is confirmed or not. I am not at all nervous or scared. But enough about me, this is about you and your family and your new little boy.

Chat with you soon after you are home!!!!

happycat7 responded:
Congrats! Enjoy your new little man!
CateG1973 responded:
Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
Laney0705 responded:
Congratulations!! Happy Birthday Mason!
seeit2 responded:
Congratulations and good job! Welcome Mason!!
PreggieAnd40 responded:
Hope: YAY!!!!! I have been waiting to hear - have been checking every so often here at work. Can you believe it? I can remember when you first joined the board - and you thought this day would NEVER come! LOL! IT IS HERE!!!!

hugs to you and little Mason! Angie
Scoutabout responded:

I haven't been around much the last 2 weeks+, so I'm catching up now -- so glad to hear he's here and you're both doing well!!!

Get some rest and enjoy getting to know your new little one!

LuV4Autumn responded:
Congratulations Hope!!! I've been trying to check in and keep track of your progress during my family's visit. I'm so happy for you. Happy Birth Day Mason Louis!!!!!

{{{healthy baby}}} {{{healthy mom}}} {{{heal quick Mom!}}}

stacey0203 responded:
Wow, Congratulations Hope on your BIG "little" one!!! Exact weight and size of mine, so I definately understand being sore, . I've been checking in every day or so to see how you were doing and wondering how you were hanging in for so long. Way to go, being so patient. I definately couldn't have done it for as long as you did!!!

Sit back and enjoy your precious baby, your family and this wonderful time together. Get as much rest as possible, Much ((((HUGS)))))
TracySTB responded:
Congrats, very happy for you and your big, strong new guy!

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