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BFP!!!!!! Baby #2
QueenOfStarWars posted:
Well, it's official!!! I'm preggers!!!! I nursed Catherine until 11 months (her choice to end it). I had three periods: 11/8, 12/8, and 12/31. LH Surge and intercourse 1/23. Negatve PT followed by implantation bleeding on 2/2. Finally, BFP on 2/4!!!!! Man, we didn't even get "try" for a while! haha This is all so very strange for me! With Catherine (some of you know this), I was already 17 weeks when I went to my obgyn to confirm pregnany. I was shocked! When she came at 33 weeks, I was shocked again, so my last pregnancy was rather short! This time, I bet it will feel like FOREVER, but I'm excited to experience ALL THREE trimesters since I was already in my second trimester last time. HOW I TOLD HUBBY: I was just out-of-town overnight visiting my sister who was in the hospital. On my way home tonight, I bought a pregnancy test, a cigar, and a congratulations card. With Catherine, he joked that he "doesn't shoot blanks." I wrote that as the note in my card :) According to the calendars, I am "4 wks" since I guess they include the two weeks before ovulation in the calendar. Well, guess I'll be checking in more regularly now! Glad to be back, ladies. :goofy:
seeit2 responded:
OMG congratulations Jeannie! That is fantastic news!! Now I have even more reason to linger here. :smile: So happy for you! Deb
dwaw02 responded:
Congratulations! That's great news. It does feel like forever when you find out early :)
racheljo69 responded:
CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how exciting! i'll have to stick around also :sillygrin:
JoeBabes responded:
Therhry responded:
Congrats!! I'm new to the board but I read your story and now I'm wondering if I may be further than what we think I am :-) I had my period on 11/26 and it lasted 10 days. Usually I have my period for only 7 days (the 7th day is very light spotting) so when that one went on and on I eventually went to the clinic coz I was getting a bit worried. With all my pregnancies I've never had implantation bleeding but now I'm wondering if that's what it might have been coz I did PT on 1/07 which was pos. Blood tests were done on 1/16 which confirmed 4-6wks, but I'm feeling so BIG!!! Mind you, carried both my boys this way - was huge from day 1! Well done anyway and all the best to you and yours!! Regards,
Anissa71 responded:
Oh Jeannie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO VERY EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been stalking this board waiting to find out. That is great...........huge sticky baby vibes for you and your beanie!!!!!!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: :smile:
Jen45240 responded:
Yeah!!!!!!! Congrulations!!! I am so happy for you. Here to a H&H 9 months!!!!
CateG1973 responded:
Big congrats Jeannie! ... a much different experience this time around, I'm sure. :)
jpaskon2 responded:
Congrats to you! Looks like we have the same EDD!! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!!!!!!! :cool:
shrymah responded:
Congratulations! That's great news.
cinnabar66133 responded:
Congrats!!! H&H 9 months to you!! :sillygrin:
Cadesmom0924 responded:
Congratulations Jeannie. HAPPY and Healthy nine months to you!!
QueenOfStarWars responded:
Thanks, ladies! Anissa, you KNOW I just can't wait to put BFP as my status update! hhahah - Doc appt is not until the 18th! Seems like forever away!
Anissa71 responded:
Yes Jeannie!!!!!!!!!! I want a shout huge congrats on your I will patiently wait! Ha ha ha ha! Good luck at your appt!!!!!!!!!!!

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