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Scoutabout posted:
Wow. It's like I came home to find all my friends moved and left no forwarding addresses.

I logged on a week or two ago to catch up and was so annoyed with the new format -- it took me forever to find the Board! I'm not anti-change as long as it makes sense and, importantly, IMPROVES the experience, but have to admit I'm searching for the positive changes here. Why are our signatures gone? Why can't we see who posted the last response? Why should I have to click "View" to see my own reply? Frankly, the pages seem cluttered, now -- with stuff I don't want to see. I want to see posts and replies and I want to be able to distinguish between what I've already read and what is new! Sorry to whine, guys... but the Board had already gotten slower -- this certainly can't be helping. :o(

ANYWAY... I'm sorry I've been MIA -- adjusting to this motherhood thing has been a challenge!

I still have to post our birth story, but wanted to log on and let you all know I've missed you and am hoping all is well with everyone! Carys is 6 wks old now and cute as a button. We are EBFing and that's going well. She has "a very mellow vibe," according to my cousin, and smiles a lot. :o)

Have I missed other birth stories? Anyone heard from ShelleyKM and Swindytwins? Has anyone heard from Liz (Soontobewith4)? Last post I saw from her said she had been having complications of some sort and had been hospitalized. I've been worried about her. A long while back she asked for a volunteer to take over the Due Date List and Baby List. Did anyone take over? I haven't seen any of the lists in a while...

Anyway, take care, my friends -- I'll be checking back as often as I can.


Scoutabout responded:
ok, so i see that my frown AND smiley faces got converted to the one you see in my message. Doesn't convey my meaning... you'll be able to tell on reading the post which one was supposed to be a frown and which a smile!
ntherelng responded:
Hey there Lisa,

I'm still here kinda. Just been way too busy to post and since it's harder to navigate and just so slow, I've not been trying toooooo hard to make sure I get on. Will love to hear your story when you get the chance.

Just wanted to say hi back.

QueenOfStarWars replied to ntherelng's response:
That's one of the things I miss - the due date list. I don't think I even made it on there this time :)

I wonder how many area actually left of our little group. I ended up creating a login for a different 35 pregnancy board at but haven't used it yet. I like the connections I've made here and am sort of in a "holding pattern" to see what to do next....

ntherelng replied to QueenOfStarWars's response:
I agree Jeannie, I just keep thinking maybe others will slowly return or that perhaps we'll rebuild a new group. I did join the facebook group, but if I'm in the right one there, there isn't a whole lot of action there either.
QueenOfStarWars replied to ntherelng's response:
I think I don't post a lot in the actual board on FB b/c we get the info mostly through the news feed. I read that more than anything.
Scoutabout replied to ntherelng's response:
Some of the gals are good with keeping up on there, but I agree with Jeannie -- we see so much from one another's status posts, that I don't go to the FB group that much. I intend to be on there more, though, as LO gets older and I have more questions... especially b/c those are the women I really connected with on here when this Board was super active. Maybe we need to do a shout-out to the ladies on FB and encourage them to visit the FB group more as they can. Like you, though, I hope the others will slowly return here and/or we'll rebuild a good group here (numbers-wise, I mean! Everyone here is good! I have no brain for turning a phrase anymore...)


ntherelng replied to Scoutabout's response:
I have NOTHING against the ladies that were on here before, it's just that on FB I've really not added anyone that I don't know personally. Therefore, I don't get the status updates. :-( I think it's also that because of my job, I'm really careful about what I put on my status stuff and I don't want my local friends to see what comments I make about the webmd friends. Does that make sense???? Please know they are issues about me, not about them! I like these boards because I can comment and ask as many embarrassing questions as I want and not worry about what my local friends think or see!
Cadesmom0924 responded:
Hey Girls, I am still around.... lurking I guess. I don't like these new boards at all. It took me forever to figure out who started this discussion as I just saw one response about the FB girls and was trying to figure out how it started.

Seriously it is like they redid the boards to have more room for advertisements.

Glad to hear that Carys is doing well. Brooke is 7 1/2 weeks and we were at the doctor this week, once in the ER as she has RSV. She is getting better, I think I was more freaked out about it as she didn't act bad at all! Anyway, she is already 11 lbs 5.5 oz! So she was born at 8 lbs 13 oz lost 12 oz and has gained 3 lbs 4 oz in exactly 7 weeks! We are also EBF'ing. Although I did have DH give her some expressed milk in a bottle one day so I could go for a run and just to start preparing for when I officially go back to the office! She did great.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great! I am lurking, but it is really hard to lurk with these new boards.

Don't like them one bit. WEBMD if you read this, please bring back some resemblance to our old boards.

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