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First overnight trip without DC
Viclou1968 posted:

Why do I feel so conflicted about my first overnight trip away form DS and DD?
Tomorrow is my 5th anniversary, so DH and I are going away overnight. My sister came up from Maryland to watch the kids- and to escape her teenage daughters!

I'm not worried about her watching them and they are pretty social and like my sister- daycare babies know how to get what they want by chraming others, I think.

The only time I've been away from DS was when I had DD and my 21 year old nephew stayed with him for 2 nights and my DH one night(Christmas Eve- my sister wanted her son back for Christmas!)

I am so looking forward to alone time with my husband and being able to sleep next to him- there is usually a kid between us at home- but I'll miss them- they are at the best, goofiest toddler stage!

I remember thinking my sister was ridiculous for calling her ebst friend a million times from the George Michael concert when my nephew was a baby- hopefully that keeps me from doign the same to her tomorrow night!
seeit2 responded:
LMAO off about the George Michael concert, that is tooo funny. I know what you mean about leaving. About once a year we spend some of DH's Marriot points and I -alone- go spend a weekend in a fancy hotel in a nearby city. It's a great walking around city and the time alone is priceless. I have to admit though, I never felt conflicted about leaving DD...I was more like, "SEE YA!" They were just fine without me. Yours will be too...but I understand it is hard to go. I wish I could go with DH somewhere, that would probably be a whole different ballgame as far as leaving the kids.

Have fun!! And Happy Anniversary!!

Scoutabout responded:
Not to make light of your angst, which I'm sure to experience in my turn, but dare I suggest.... YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH! FAITH-AH, FAITH-AH. FAITH-AH!

Just be sure to wake them up before you go-go to smother them with kisses. :)

(Sorry -- couldn't resist!)

And for the record -- I would call as much as you want to. Especially if it'll make you feel better and give you peace of mind for next time. 'Cause you will want there to be a next time!!!


seeit2 replied to Scoutabout's response:
((SNORT)) You are toooooo funny Miss Lisa! Did somebody spike yer wheaties this morning or what?! :-)

Viclou1968 replied to seeit2's response:
Lisa, you are too funny! :)
Wake me up before you go go is still one of my favorite vidoes- George Michael looks so great- especally his hair-LOL!

Our anniversary was great- but maybe if we had had more Faith, we wouldn't have lost money at the casino! We went to Foxwoods. It was quite fun and even though I missed the kids (a lotm\, but not as much as I would have thought because I knew they were okay with my sister b/c she is giant kid) , the best part was remembering why my DH is so awesome that I wanted to marry and raise a family with him in the first place!

The kids of course did not seem to miss us at all becuse they spent the time eating Mcdonald's, riding the subway (DS is obsessed with trains), getting presents and watching movies!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!


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