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Due Date List - 2/14/2011
cheri320 posted:
Happy Valentine's Day Mommas! Welcome to Meagan2233 - our first October baby to be! We are also anxiously awaiting some updates from a few more moms that were due last week - maybe we will have a few special valentines today from Emily, Cheryl and Cara - good luck ladies!!

Now its my turn for the public service announcement...This Friday I will be 2 weeks from my scheduled CS (OMG!), so I will start soliciting now for someone to take over the due date list for the board. Its super easy to save a file and just post the updates every Monday. It's also a great way to stay involved and "meet" all the new members. Let me know if you are interested.

If there area any new additions I'm missing...Just post a reply to this post and I will add your information.

02/08/2011 - 43Hope (Emily) - YELLOW Team
02/09/2011 - Wingate702 (Cheryl)
02/10/2011 - volmom03 (Cara) - GREEN Team (Think Pink!)
02/28/2011 — jlbwondering — GREEN Team
03/03/2011 - jescar - YELLOW Team
03/09/2011 - Cheri320 (Cheri) — PINK team, CS on 3/4
03/11/2011 - k_ykelly (Lori) - BLUE Team
03/19/2011 - Sigma3rc74 - PINK Team
03/21/2011 - DDMHob - GREEN Team
04/04/2011 - cheyenne828 (Pam) - YELLOW Team
04/12/2011 - momma2lucas (Jody) - GREEN Team
04/20/2011 - jamjeng (Jamie) - GREEN Team
04/26/2011 - aduray (Amy) — PINK Team
??/??/2011 - PurpleFairy16 (Tara) - BLUE Team
08/02/2011 - Desimae — GREEN Team
08/25/2011 - kbjoe — GREEN Team, thinking PINK
09/04/2011 - ericajbusse (Erica) — GREEN Team
09/14/2011 - amberrenea (Amber) — GREEN Team
10/02/2011 - Meagan2233 (Meagan) — GREEN Team

Juliegirl71 (Julie) - Madelyn Idella — was due on 10/31/2010
MrsBubbie - PINK Team — was due on 11/15/2010
Romangirl72 (Heather) - YELLOW Team — was due 01/04/2011
kay_kay75 - PINK Team - Kayleigh Cheyenne was due 01/20/2011
coffeehouse7 - BLUE Team was due 01/29/2011[br>[br>
CarrieD6 (Carrie) - Gabriel Zayden on 12/22/10 at 1:43 am, 9lb 5oz, 22''
rbird30 (Robin) - Addison Lynn on 12/2/10 at 6:42 pm, 5 lbs 10 oz, 18".
Janna1016 (Janna) - Alyssa Joy on 11/8 at 4:29 PM, 8 lbs 13 oz., 21"
Truewyatt (Brandy) - Estelle Abigail Marie on 10/30/10 at 4:48pm, 10lbs 3 oz, 21"
QueenOfStarWars (Jeannie) - Theresa Elizabeth on 10/12/10 at 8am, 7lbs 9oz, 19"
Belle38671 (Deb) - Kaianne Carbree on 9/7/10 at 10:27am - 7lbs, 14 oz, 20"
BeachKiwi (Alison) - TWINS Max Zane and Freya Sabine - Zane on 8/12/10 at 2:21pm, 7lbs-3oz, 21". Freya on 8/12/10 at 2:34pm, 6lbs-5oz,19.75".
Guinnessstout (Amanda) - Einin Loveina on 8/9/10 at 11:37pm, 7 lbs 9 oz and 21".
Dwaw02 (Angela) - Taylor Marie on 7/18/10 at 4:14 pm, 6 pounds 15 oz and 19".
Ntherelng (Renee) - Nathan Jensen on 6/20/10 at 5:34 am, 6 lb even and 19 1/2".
Zoer (Jessica) - Beatrix Elizabeth on 5/14/10, 7 lbs 8 oz and 21.5".
Cinnebar (Cindy) - Megan Nancy on 4/12/10 at 9:38am, 8lbs 3oz and 20".

BLUE Team = Boy
PINK Team = Girl
GREEN Team = Don't know YET but will!
YELLOW Team = NOT going to find out (until baby is born)
Cheri (37) DH (40) DS (1/30/09) Baby 2 due 3/9/11!
QueenOfStarWars responded:
WOW! I can't believe you are only 2 weeks out, Cheri!!!!! And, thanks again for taking the updates over from me when my LO came along. Time to pass the torch again

Just heard from Emily on FB. NO BABY YET (though I'm sure she'll tell you). Sitting on the edge of my seat...

Welcome to all the new mommies!!!!!!
Jeannie [Me (37); DH (41); DD 22mos (EDD 12/23/2008 but born at 33 wks on 11/9/2008); EDD for 2: 10/18/2010 Pink Team]
Bamamom68 responded:
Just joined the group. Another October baby here - due 10/7/11. I have two boys ages 19 and 20. This one is a big surprise!
aimeebryant responded:
My due date is 10/7/11 - will find out the flavor in about 10 weeks.
aimeebryant replied to Bamamom68's response:
I am also due 10/7. I have two girls, 14 and 17. They don't know yet; we're waiting until the end of the first trimester. If I can hide it that long. My oldest, at least, may get suspicious if this nausea doesn't ease up.
cheri320 replied to aimeebryant's response:
Welcome Aimee! I'll add you to the next week's list
Cheri (37) DH (40) DS (1/30/09) Baby 2 due 3/9/11!

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