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Due Date List - 2/14/2011
cheri320 posted:
Happy Valentine's Day Mommas! Welcome to Meagan2233 - our first October baby to be! We are also anxiously awaiting some updates from a few more moms that were due last week - maybe we will have a few special valentines today from Emily, Cheryl and Cara - good luck ladies!!

Now its my turn for the public service announcement...This Friday I will be 2 weeks from my scheduled CS (OMG!), so I will start soliciting now for someone to take over the due date list for the board. Its super easy to save a file and just post the updates every Monday. It's also a great way to stay involved and "meet" all the new members. Let me know if you are interested.

If there area any new additions I'm missing...Just post a reply to this post and I will add your information.

02/08/2011 - 43Hope (Emily) - YELLOW Team
02/09/2011 - Wingate702 (Cheryl)
02/10/2011 - volmom03 (Cara) - GREEN Team (Think Pink!)
02/28/2011 — jlbwondering — GREEN Team
03/03/2011 - jescar - YELLOW Team
03/09/2011 - Cheri320 (Cheri) — PINK team, CS on 3/4
03/11/2011 - k_ykelly (Lori) - BLUE Team
03/19/2011 - Sigma3rc74 - PINK Team
03/21/2011 - DDMHob - GREEN Team
04/04/2011 - cheyenne828 (Pam) - YELLOW Team
04/12/2011 - momma2lucas (Jody) - GREEN Team
04/20/2011 - jamjeng (Jamie) - GREEN Team
04/26/2011 - aduray (Amy) — PINK Team
??/??/2011 - PurpleFairy16 (Tara) - BLUE Team
08/02/2011 - Desimae — GREEN Team
08/25/2011 - kbjoe — GREEN Team, thinking PINK
09/04/2011 - ericajbusse (Erica) — GREEN Team
09/14/2011 - amberrenea (Amber) — GREEN Team
10/02/2011 - Meagan2233 (Meagan) — GREEN Team

Juliegirl71 (Julie) - Madelyn Idella — was due on 10/31/2010
MrsBubbie - PINK Team — was due on 11/15/2010
Romangirl72 (Heather) - YELLOW Team — was due 01/04/2011
kay_kay75 - PINK Team - Kayleigh Cheyenne was due 01/20/2011
coffeehouse7 - BLUE Team was due 01/29/2011[br>[br>
CarrieD6 (Carrie) - Gabriel Zayden on 12/22/10 at 1:43 am, 9lb 5oz, 22''
rbird30 (Robin) - Addison Lynn on 12/2/10 at 6:42 pm, 5 lbs 10 oz, 18".
Janna1016 (Janna) - Alyssa Joy on 11/8 at 4:29 PM, 8 lbs 13 oz., 21"
Truewyatt (Brandy) - Estelle Abigail Marie on 10/30/10 at 4:48pm, 10lbs 3 oz, 21"
QueenOfStarWars (Jeannie) - Theresa Elizabeth on 10/12/10 at 8am, 7lbs 9oz, 19"
Belle38671 (Deb) - Kaianne Carbree on 9/7/10 at 10:27am - 7lbs, 14 oz, 20"
BeachKiwi (Alison) - TWINS Max Zane and Freya Sabine - Zane on 8/12/10 at 2:21pm, 7lbs-3oz, 21". Freya on 8/12/10 at 2:34pm, 6lbs-5oz,19.75".
Guinnessstout (Amanda) - Einin Loveina on 8/9/10 at 11:37pm, 7 lbs 9 oz and 21".
Dwaw02 (Angela) - Taylor Marie on 7/18/10 at 4:14 pm, 6 pounds 15 oz and 19".
Ntherelng (Renee) - Nathan Jensen on 6/20/10 at 5:34 am, 6 lb even and 19 1/2".
Zoer (Jessica) - Beatrix Elizabeth on 5/14/10, 7 lbs 8 oz and 21.5".
Cinnebar (Cindy) - Megan Nancy on 4/12/10 at 9:38am, 8lbs 3oz and 20".

BLUE Team = Boy
PINK Team = Girl
GREEN Team = Don't know YET but will!
YELLOW Team = NOT going to find out (until baby is born)
Cheri (37) DH (40) DS (1/30/09) Baby 2 due 3/9/11!
QueenOfStarWars responded:
WOW! I can't believe you are only 2 weeks out, Cheri!!!!! And, thanks again for taking the updates over from me when my LO came along. Time to pass the torch again :)

Just heard from Emily on FB. NO BABY YET (though I'm sure she'll tell you). Sitting on the edge of my seat...

Welcome to all the new mommies!!!!!!
Jeannie [Me (37); DH (41); DD 22mos (EDD 12/23/2008 but born at 33 wks on 11/9/2008); EDD for 2: 10/18/2010 Pink Team]
Bamamom68 responded:
Just joined the group. Another October baby here - due 10/7/11. I have two boys ages 19 and 20. This one is a big surprise!
aimeebryant responded:
My due date is 10/7/11 - will find out the flavor in about 10 weeks.
aimeebryant replied to Bamamom68's response:
I am also due 10/7. I have two girls, 14 and 17. They don't know yet; we're waiting until the end of the first trimester. If I can hide it that long. My oldest, at least, may get suspicious if this nausea doesn't ease up.
cheri320 replied to aimeebryant's response:
Welcome Aimee! I'll add you to the next week's list :)
Cheri (37) DH (40) DS (1/30/09) Baby 2 due 3/9/11!

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