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Due Date List - 2/28/2011
cheri320 posted:
Hello all! Happy (almost) March - that means Spring is coming! I just noticed that there are no May, June or July babies on our list and I know there are some of you out there, so post a reply and you will be added to the list. It helps us get to know everyone better and keep track of your progress. Up this week - jlbwondering, jescar and ME! Still looking for someone to take over the due date list. It's a long running tradition on this board and I would hate to see it disappear.

A warm welcome to Aimee, also due on 10/7! (you already have a due date buddy with bamamom). Emily has finally brought her new baby boy home so we will be looking for her update as soon as things settle down (Congrats again!) Also looking for some updates from the missing moms listed under "Updates Needed" we are anxious to hear how your new babies are doing.

Have a great week everyone!!!

02/28/2011 - jlbwondering — GREEN Team
03/03/2011 - jescar - YELLOW Team
03/09/2011 - Cheri320 (Cheri) — PINK team, CS on 3/4
03/11/2011 - k_ykelly (Lori) - BLUE Team
03/19/2011 - Sigma3rc74 - PINK Team
03/21/2011 - DDMHob - GREEN Team
04/04/2011 - cheyenne828 (Pam) - YELLOW Team
04/12/2011 - momma2lucas (Jody) - GREEN Team
04/20/2011 - jamjeng (Jamie) - GREEN Team
04/26/2011 - aduray (Amy) — PINK Team
??/??/2011 - PurpleFairy16 (Tara) - BLUE Team
08/02/2011 - Desimae — GREEN Team
08/25/2011 - kbjoe — GREEN Team, thinking PINK
09/04/2011 - ericajbusse (Erica) — GREEN Team
09/14/2011 - amberrenea (Amber) — GREEN Team
10/02/2011 - Meagan2233 (Meagan) — GREEN Team
10/07/2011 - bamamom68 — GREEN Team
10/07/2011 - Aimeebryant (Aimee) — GREEN Team

Juliegirl71 (Julie) - Madelyn Idella — was due on 10/31/2010
MrsBubbie - PINK Team — was due on 11/15/2010
Romangirl72 (Heather) - YELLOW Team — was due 01/04/2011
kay_kay75 - PINK Team - Kayleigh Cheyenne was due 01/20/2011
coffeehouse7 - BLUE Team was due 01/29/2011
Wingate702 (Cheryl) — was due on 02/09/2011
volmom03 (Cara) - GREEN Team (Think Pink!) was due on 02/10/2011

43Hope (Emily) — It's A Boy! Update from Emily coming soon!
CarrieD6 (Carrie) - Gabriel Zayden on 12/22/10 at 1:43 am, 9lb 5oz, 22''
rbird30 (Robin) - Addison Lynn on 12/2/10 at 6:42 pm, 5 lbs 10 oz, 18".
Janna1016 (Janna) - Alyssa Joy on 11/8 at 4:29 PM, 8 lbs 13 oz., 21"
Truewyatt (Brandy) - Estelle Abigail Marie on 10/30/10 at 4:48pm, 10lbs 3 oz, 21"
QueenOfStarWars (Jeannie) - Theresa Elizabeth on 10/12/10 at 8am, 7lbs 9oz, 19"
Belle38671 (Deb) - Kaianne Carbree on 9/7/10 at 10:27am - 7lbs, 14 oz, 20"
BeachKiwi (Alison) - TWINS Max Zane and Freya Sabine - Zane on 8/12/10 at 2:21pm, 7lbs-3oz, 21". Freya on 8/12/10 at 2:34pm, 6lbs-5oz,19.75".
Guinnessstout (Amanda) - Einin Loveina on 8/9/10 at 11:37pm, 7 lbs 9 oz and 21".
Dwaw02 (Angela) - Taylor Marie on 7/18/10 at 4:14 pm, 6 pounds 15 oz and 19".
Ntherelng (Renee) - Nathan Jensen on 6/20/10 at 5:34 am, 6 lb even and 19 1/2".
Zoer (Jessica) - Beatrix Elizabeth on 5/14/10, 7 lbs 8 oz and 21.5".
Cinnebar (Cindy) - Megan Nancy on 4/12/10 at 9:38am, 8lbs 3oz and 20".

BLUE Team = Boy
PINK Team = Girl
GREEN Team = Don't know YET but will!
YELLOW Team = NOT going to find out (until baby is born)
Cheri (37) DH (40) DS (1/30/09) Baby 2 due 3/9/11!
cheri320 responded:
Also...a huge welcome back to Lisa (scoutabout) now expecting her 2nd bundle - due 8/30/2011. You will be officially added to next week's list. Yeah! :)
Cheri (37) DH (40) DS (1/30/09) Baby 2 due 3/9/11!
meagan2233 responded:
Hey ladies,
So, bad news... I had a miscarriage. No longer pregnant. So, I'm dealing day by day. And, waiting for my period to start. Just want to get started again. And, hope for the best. Best wishes to all of you and I will be back again. :) :)
73nichole responded:
im a new member. just today joined.. im due 5/22/11 !!and IM on the pink team!!im 37 and I thought the "cut off " was 40 not 35.. found out when i got pregnant.. :) .. ur baby is due soon!! good luck.. I wish I could help u with the list , but im not so good with the computer. sorry... I work better with things that can talk back... Im a Massage Therapist.. well was. now I'll be full time mommmy.. . cant wait.. . whats DH mean by ur age?? see im kinda newish to the computer.. :) peace and warmth... Nichole
Scoutabout replied to meagan2233's response:
Hi, Meagan --

I'm so sorry to hear your news. I've been there and know how difficult it can be. Take some time for yourself, and as you said, take it day by day...

Best wishes to you!

cruise_control responded:
Hi Ladies, I am new to this board (just noticed that it existed) lol. Please add me to your due date list. cruise_control (April)--Green team, due date 9/26/11. I look forward to mingling with you all. Have a great day!
meagan2233 replied to Scoutabout's response:
Thank you Lisa. I do appreciate the kindness. Again, taking it day by day. But, I got my period again, so back to the fun stuff. Woo Hoo. Have never been so happy about getting my period before. But, again, thank you. And, hopefully, I will be back on here soon with good news. ;-)
aduray responded:
I am rounding third quickly! at 34.5 weeks Im on bedrest until 36. had a scare and was in the hospital overnight and now Im taking that nasty terbutiline :( It's all going to be worth it very soon! My doc wants to get me to 36 weeks and then will let me off the meds. Both of my other two were anxious to come early so I'm all to familial with bedrest. Wondering if anyone else had to deal with preterm labor, bedrest or delivering at 36 weeks? would love your advice!
Thank you!

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