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Off and On Spotting
918kia posted:
Hi all, I know this topic has come up here a bizillion times, but I guess I just need to vent and see if anyone has any similar experiences.

I am 37, and this is our first pg. At the moment, I think, from talking with the nurse at my visit last week, we are now 7 weeks. Two days after I found out I was pg (April 23), I spotted for 4 days -- not a lot at all (not to be gross, but a few dribbles on a pantiliner), and always brown blood. Then it stopped for 4 days and yesterday it happened again in the morning and not any since.No pain or smell or anything like that. I called the doctor's office and am having blood work done today to check hormone levels. Has anyone ever had multiple days of spotting like this in the 1st trimester? How did you handle it? I'm trying to stay calm, but I'm really freaking out as this our first and it took us a long time to get here.

Oh - and this is my first non-anonymous post. Thanks!
klmem responded:
Brown spotting is usually old blood and can be very normal. I am 38 and pregnant with my 6th and had brown spotting with all my kids. This pregnancy has been different though. I had pink, red, and brown spotting in the beginning and my doctor had to put me on a progesterone gel. The bleeding stopped within a couple of days and now am almost 13 weeks.
lbean1975 responded:
Congrats 918kia , I am praying for you and hope everything works out for you, When in doubt call your doctor!! Keeps us posted :) A lot of us moms new and existing can relate to the stresses that 1st trimester can cause. Keep your head up :)
918kia replied to lbean1975's response:
Thanks for your words! I had an u/s today (both kinds) and it showed the heartbeat going at over 100 bpm! I am 7 weeks. They couldn't find a reason for the spotting. Right now, I just feel so relieved. Thanks again.
lbean1975 replied to 918kia's response:
That's great 918kia!!!! I'm happy to hear everthings looking positive so far :-)

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