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Onset of Type 2 Diabetes during pregnancy?
Dmclay posted:
I am 35 yrs old and at 10 weeks pregnant was told I have Diabetes (not gestational) as shown by a fasting glucose test. Never previously had indications of diabetes in blood work or symptoms. They claim I will have it forever. Is this true?
QueenOfStarWars responded:
I don't know about "forever", but in general, I'd say "yes" because my mother had diabetes undiagnosed for quite some time. Her pancreas works part of the time, so she sometimes gets insulin, thus the missed diagnosis.

I'd get a second opinion, of course. Maybe you can see a specialist. Hope it works out.
Jeannie [Me (38); DH (41); DD 2 yrs 5 mos (EDD 12/23/2008 but born at 33 wks on 11/9/2008); DD 6 mos (EDD 10/18/2010 and born on 10/12/2010)]
kbjoe responded:
I don't think it is guaranteed that you will have it forever. There is a possibility but again no guarantees. I had GD with my first pregnancy and I only changed my diet to manage it. No meds. Since then I have had only one incident when my levels appeared to be elevated. The doc told me I was borderline and "should just start the meds now since I would be full blown soon anyway" and that I would have to take medication for life. I refused. Instead, I started to watch my diet and it got better. I am now 26 weeks pg with my second child (10 years after the first) and so far so good. I had an initial glucose test during the first trimester and it was good. I will be taking another on June 6th because according to the doc the GD usually shows up during the 3rd trimester. I trust and believe that all will be well this time around and if not I will have the same attitude. No rush to meds. I will employ diet and exercise first. I hate medicaton especially long term and God forbid medicine for life. I said all this to say that doctors can sometimes jump the gun. Yes they can make diagnosis and predictions but there are no guarantees about something like that. Start with diet and exercise and do some research of your own.
phoenix31674 replied to kbjoe's response:
Even though you aren't on meds, you are still diabetic, you are just able to control it through diet and exercise. Some folks who catch diabetes early are able to gain control over the condition without meds or to wean off meds once getting control. But your body still has insulin resistance.

I think the belief with GD now is that your body is stressed and becomes insulin resistance, but once the stress (pregnancy) is over it regains the capacity to deal with an average amount of sugar, but time can tip you back to the category where you body can't produce enough insulin. It's why they say once you've had GD you are at greater risk for developing full blown diabetes. They are also trying to get the diagnostic criteria lowered which would bring more people under the label of diabetes or pre-diabetes. Not sure if its the drug companies pushing this or not. I do keep in mind these are the same folks talking about 'statins for all' even though there is a rather disturbing risk of liver damage from statins.

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