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Tough time finding CVS practitioners?
An_220458 posted:
I was wondering if anyone else is having a difficult time with this. I was 35 when pg with my son, and opted for CVS testing at the Maternal/Fetal Medicine practice at the hospital where my ob/gyn practice delivers. Well, here I am in round 2. I told my ob/gyn that I would like to opt for CVS again. The only practitioner at that MFM practice who performed CVS has left. They were going to refer me to a MFM practice at a hospital about 25 miles away. I looked on the web, and that particular practice only does transabdominal. Another hospital about 30 miles away also only does transabdominal.

I found that the teaching hospital (half the distance!) does it, and either cervically or transabdominally, but I had to specifically ask to be referred there. Then they were really tight for appointments, so I am going to be tested at 11 wks 6 days.

Did anyone else who opted for this testing have a difficult time finding a practitioner?
phoenix31674 responded:
We declined all testing, but I can understand having a tough time. With malpractice insurance so high for OBs in the first place, I would imagine it goes higher if you offer 'high risk' testing that carries a risk of miscarriage. Heck, there are a significant number of women not living in large cities who do not live within an hour of an OB which is scary to me. Just too many docs are leaving the field because they can't afford it.

Sorry to hear you had so much trouble finding a way to do the testing you wanted.
cruise_control responded:
I agree with the previous poster, we declined all testing except having the blood drawn..I didnt want to deal with any miscarriages or anything of that sort.
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