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    How IS everyone???????
    QueenOfStarWars posted:
    Hi, Ladies! I'm bummed that this board is so inactive. You wouldn't believe how active it was when I was pregnant in 2008. I could post a question get a response within an hour. Sometimes minutes. Mabye it ebbs and flows.... I figure if I keep peeking it will be on the upswing one of these day....

    Though my little one is 7 months old, I try to check in from time to time and see what's new on the mommy board.

    How far along are you? How are you feeling? Avoiding swollen feet?

    Did Nichole have her baby????

    Jeannie (38); DH (41);
    DD 1 - EDD 12/23/2008 but born at 33 wks on 11/9/2008
    DD 2 - EDD 10/18/2010 and born on 10/12/2010
    rss74 responded:
    I agree. It was much more active when I was expecting my first in 09.

    I am 13 weeks along and will be spilling the beans to my employees after the holiday weekend! It has been a tougher road this time (more morning sickness, more cramps, more fatigue). Of course, it's easy to get tired out from chasing a toddler around, too!

    VicsEandJ responded:
    Hi ladies!
    My youngest is almost 2 1/2 and I only lurkeed when rpregnat with her, but I still check in to see how the AMAs are doing. Thsi bBoard was great and so active when I was preggo. Hopefully it picks up agian soon. I found it to be so helpful ofr all of my mmommy to be anxieties.

    to answer Jeannie's questions- I am nearly 30 months post partum (DD was born 12/23/08) with no plans to do it again ( I have 2 and will be 43 in August). I am feeling fine today- my allergy medicine is apprently FINALLY kicking in.This year has been awful!
    When I was pregent with both kids I had such nice allergy seasons (springs summers and falls!)- I hardly ever sneezed. Was that a perk of being preggo??

    Sadly, since both pregnancies, my feet still seem to swell slightly when the weather suddenly gets hot- like it did here this week! grrrr...

    I don't know if Nichole had her baby, but I too am looking for a story!

    Rachel- good luck sharing your happy news at work! Rest now because having a newborn and a toddler will not be the time to get more rest!

    Have a nice holiday weekend ladies.

    Belly pats to everyone with a bun in the oven!


    QueenOfStarWars replied to VicsEandJ's response:
    Glad to hear from you, ladies!!!!

    Catherine is 2 1/2 and Theresa is now 7mos, but I am hoping for a third. My hubby is done, I think. Of course, I haven't slept in 2 1/2 years, so I don't know HOW I would have a third anyway :)

    Rachel, I hear you about it being harder. Chasing Catherine around what hard to do - especially the first trimester. I fell asleep in my clothes at 7:30 one night. UGH...

    It's better now that both are mobile. Theresa is crawling everywhere, but it's good because she keeps herself busy while Catherine is doing her thing :)
    Jeannie (38); DH (41); DD 1 - EDD 12/23/2008 but born at 33 wks on 11/9/2008 DD 2 - EDD 10/18/2010 and born on 10/12/2010
    cyberkat99 responded:
    I'm not currently expecting yet, but TTC again. What happened to these boards?!! I had my DD in 2010 and I remember when they changed everything on the boards and it seemed a lot of people got discouraged from coming here anymore. I miss the way it used to be. It seems a lot more difficult to get any responses.

    On a good note, it seems more and more ladies are coming here that are over 35 and having babies. I'm so glad to know so many are having positive experiences starting their families after 35. I know I wouldn't change my experience at becoming a mom later in life for anything in the world!

    I wish all you ladies the best and hope I'll be joining you soon as an expecting mom again soon!
    Kat (Me, 36), DH (36), DD (1yr), TTC again!

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