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    Trying to get pregnant at 35
    GabriellaBH posted:
    Recently my husband and I have begun trying to get pregnant. It doesnt seem to be happening.. We really have only been trying for a month or two seriously. Im worried because I have had a couple of procedures and I hope that doesnt affect whether or not I can get pregnant. I know that I need to go to a Gyno however we recently moved to Israel and Im looking for someone that is good. Any advice?
    phoenix31674 responded:
    It is advised for women to get a general health screening before trying to get pregnant just to make sure she is in good health. at your age there is only a 15% chance of getting pregnant each month. For this reason most docs won't start on fertility testing until after 6 months of trying unless there are underlying health reasons already known about such as fibroids or endometriosis. What worked for us was doing the deed every other day or every third day. This ensures that we would catch the egg since having sex when you ovulate won't work because the egg only lasts about 12 hours and it takes longer than that for sperm to get there. Even then it took us 4 months to conceive DS.

    you can look into a commercial ovulation kit which can let you know that you are ovulating and when in your cycle. if that shows you aren't ovulating, a doc may be willing to do fertility testing earlier than 6 months.
    klee33 responded:
    My husband an I have been trying also, until my obgyn put me on clomid for awhile, nothing happen after I went off clomid. My OB suggested on losing some weight, I was already 125lb, an a regular at the gym. So we decided to change up our diet, counting our calories, an working out 4-5 times a week. an guess what it worked. My first pregnancy I miscarried, which is normal for first time moms, After about almost a year we started counting our calories an working out, now am on my second pregnancy which is successful 16wks 4days an we are having a girl.
    shoelovers replied to klee33's response:
    I'm encouraged to hear these posts! I'm 37 and TTC right now. I stopped my birth control in July of last year. Got pregnant in October and miscarried in January '11. We started TTC again in April and nothing yet. We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying that we get pregnant this time. This process is a lil bit frustrating!
    rss74 replied to shoelovers's response:
    I was 35 with DS and am 37 now. It took us longer to conceive this time around, but I can echo some other posters. My doctor did a regular annual exam and said that they wanted to know if we went at least 6-12 months of really TTC. We had convinced ourselves that we would buy an OPK if it took 6 months before seeing a doctor, but we (amazingly) did not get to that point. 16wks today!
    - Rachel (37) DH (38) DS born 9/15/2009, EDD 11/30/2011 (Pink Team)

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    Me (37), DH (31), oldest son (13), youngest son (7) and EDD 11/15/10 we've got PINK!!!

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