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curious question
perry147 posted:
Im a late bloomer and had my first son at 41 in sept 2010 and DH and want to try for #2. Because of my age and since my biological clock is on the space shuttle we don't have a very wide window to try we thought we might like try for a girl. My ques is has anyone tried for a certain gender and had success or not?
VicsEandJ responded:

I won't say if itworks or not, but I had a boy first ( 1 month before age 39) and then a girl 18 months later at age 40, but I would recommend reading internet articles about Ph levels affecting pregnancy. Also about the Ph levels of certain foods.

The general theory is that male sperm is fast but fragile and female sperm are hardier but travel slower. One way to get a girl involves making the environment girl sperm friendly by adjusting the Ph levels and then having sex farther from the date of ovulation (but before ovulation). For boys you make the environment boy friendly and have sex close to ( but still before) ovulation.

All DH & I did was alter our diet based upon which sex we were trying for ( I don't think we started more than a month or two before TTC and we really only did it with dinner). I also tracked ovulation- with a drugstore kit called Answer, costing less than $20 a month. With the kit, we got pregnant the first try with DS (and this was after waiting one month after going off the pill) and with DD, the first month we got in a good try ( DS inadvertently(or purposely??) thwarted our first attempt at #2.)

I don't know if it really works or not or if it was just luck of the draw. But given our ages when we started TTC, I was 38 and DH was 40, we thought it was worth a try because it was easy and didn't take much effort. We were also sure that we only wanted two and that if our scheme didn't work, we'd be happy with two of the same gender, we really just wnated our children to have a sibling. My kids are now 4 and 2 1/2.

Good luck!! :-)
rss74 replied to VicsEandJ's response:
I don't know, but we weren't particularly trying for one or the other. Our DS was born 9/2009 and I did not get a cycle back until Christmas 2010. When it came back, it was not regular enough to allow for the idea of trying to predict when to TTC based on predicted ovulation. I wish you all of the best, with the hopes that you will be equally happy with a healthy one of either gender. Good luck!
- Rachel (37) DH (38) DS born 9/15/2009, EDD 11/30/2011 (Pink Team)

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