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Blocked Fallopian tubes
Anon_235040 posted:
Hello, first time on here and was just looking for some reassurance. My husband and I have been talking about having another child and recently have found out the one of my tubes is blocked. I am so lost right now as to what I should do, we had got a second opinion from a fertility doctor that stated we could have this fixed surgically if we really wanted to but I feel as I am tempting fate. Please if anyone had been in this position let me know if you have had the surgery and what it was like.
beautifuloneilove responded:
Hi, I will pray for you and your husband. I am 41, and about a year ago I had en ectopic pregnancy. I felt devastated, we were told with one tube we could still get pregnant. When I decided to just accept that I couldn't get preg anymore we bought a puppy. Next i find out I was prego:) My point being is just relax, let go and let God. never give up hope! God Bless~
lovie2009 replied to beautifuloneilove's response:
Thank you so much, I think in my heart I just want to try with the one tube. I feel as if it is meant to be it will happen with one, otherwise I feel like I am tempting fate and that worries me. Glad to hear things worked out so well for you, congratulations. Hope all is well.
lovie2009 replied to beautifuloneilove's response:
Thank you for your kind words. I think I have decided that I am going to just try with one and see what happens, thinking if it is meant to be it will happen with one. Otherwise I feel as though if I have the surgery done I am tempting fate and that worries me. Glad to hear everything workerd out for you and hope all is well.
halo2971 responded:
Hello - I am 40, and currently have no children. I was also diagnosed with having a block fallopian tube. Mine was on my left. the thought was initially it is block oor i had a spasm during the procedure during on of my diagnostic tests. My other tests showed that I had 6 follicles (3 on each side), and I had just turned 40.

After deep thought and prayer over the recommendations from the consult dr. I decided to go throught with the procedure. I thought I didn't have anything to loose at this point.I know the timefame that I built in for trying to have a biological child.

I had the procedure in July ( which was not invasive for me), August was the month that I had IUI, and I am currently on my 2 week waiting period and should know if anything takes on Tues. If this doesn't work 1-2 times, I am not sure that I will consider IVF due to time, cost and other variables. But I am being open to evaluate each step and result throughout process.

I wish you luck! Every decision is very personal and I wish you the best in making the best decision that you are comfortable with.
lovie2009 replied to halo2971's response:
Thank you and good luck to you!! I had gone for another appt today and he would want to remove the tube but there are possible complications with that as well. After my last child I ended up back in the hosptial 2 wks after I was home do to a infection after my c-section, had to be put on iv antibiotics for a month so I am very nervous about any surgery at this point. He did state that it could be done on a friday and back to work on monday if all goes well. Thinking maybe I should try and see if it happens well I am broken and if not then maybe consider it before the window of opportunity closes. Best of like and I hope you get great news, keep me posted!!

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