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45 and pregnant! :) Extreme fatigue--can anyone help?
ConsciousMama posted:
I'm 45 and in week 34 of pregnancy with my first child! The pregnancy was a surprise, and I feel grateful and blessed to have this boy coming into my life! Wow!

My challenges, however, have been immense. Sick most of the time, had the flu, apparently an on-going sinus infection that I'm still trying to battle naturally, recently back/nerve issues, and of course the ol' psychological obstacles that are probably the cause of most of my strife.

I have been healthy all my life, so I guess I haven't quite known how to deal with this. The biggest problem has been extreme fatigue, and it is still unresolved. The recent addition of B-12 shots every 2-3 days and 15,000 IUs of D daily seemed to help for a couple of days, but today was about the worst, so it's it's not working. I have not been able to exercise throughout the whole pregnancy because of the fatigue. So sometimes I get fearful about the birth. But I always feel good about the health of the baby. I have that at least.

I don't want to scare other older pregnant women who may be at the beginning or trying to get pregnant, but this is my story right now, and I'm calling out for help if anyone has any ideas or experience here.

I think a big aspect of my condition is being single and not feeling emotionally supported the way I need to be. The father, also a first-time parent at age 52, surprised me and turned infantile once he found out I was pregnant (though he claims to be ecstatic about it). He has not been able to offer much support, and says he in fact needs support.

My mom has been scratching her head the whole time and repeating over and over how all HER pregnancies were so perfect! Every day she wakes up and seems to have forgotten I'm about 25 years older than she was when she started.

If someone could tell me one little thing that might help my energy, I would be eternally grateful. Much love and hope! Thanks~
mrsjmsr responded:
The problems that you are experiencing happen to everyone. It has nothing to do with age. My friend is 26 and she is having the same issues right now!.

Just think that in a few months it will all be over and a beautiful baby boy will be here and he will make you see life in a whole different way. He will make your worst days seem perfect by giving you that first smile!. Just staring at him while he sleeps will make you feel like nothing else in the world matters and everything is perfect. He will be handsome, cute and you will love him to death. When he laughs for the first time, your heart will melt. You will cry when he first goes to daycare/school. You will miss him even when you have only been gone for 10 mins. When he grabs you finger with his tiny hands and looks up at you, it will make your heart melt and you might even shed a tear.

Pregnancy is just the small price that women pay to be able to experience the feelings that i just described and to enjoy the experiences of motherhood.

Everything will be ok! You are almost finished. Just keep telling yourself that. : )
ConsciousMama replied to mrsjmsr's response:
Thank you Sister. Bless you.
Marcel44 responded:
I just want to say "Congratulations". I'm 44 and TTC, had a miscarriage in Jan. 2010. Pray for Babydust for me and may God Bless you and your precious baby...

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