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Trisonmy 13 test results
centralwest posted:
Hi, thankyou for taking the time to read this, I am 31 and have just been informed by my dr that my first trimester blood results show a 1/65 chance of trisonmy 13. I am unable to get into the hospital until two weeks to have an amnio test done, the dr was very unclear on what the risks are and if the pregnancy will be able to continue.
I was just wondering if anyone else has had these kind of results and what the outcome was!
Thankyou Amanda
phoenix31674 responded:
So sorry to hear you have a long wait until you can get a better answer.

Just checking the internet (I know a sometimes scary thing to do), if the pregnancy continues, the baby will be born with some defects and that 80% of those born with Trisomy 13 do not survive the first month.

There are support groups out there, check That's probably a good place to start because you are more likely to find others who have been in your shoes.

I hope for the best and that you beat the odds on this one.
Corygentri responded:
Amanda - When I went for ultrasound last year the doctor just by looking at my sons brain development recognized he had the symptoms of trisomy 13 or 18 - we immmediately did an ultrasound and in a couple of days it was confirmed that he indeed had trisomy 13 and would not survive after birth. There was no risk to me to carry him to term so as his mother that is what I we decided to do.

I am the kind of person that deals with facts and reality yet I know I am a child a God and He would see us through. We, despite the info we had, decided to continue with the pregnancy and my son was born last October. He had the classic Trisomy 13 defects, cleft palate, additional digits on his hands and feet, very small despite being full term - but he was mine and I held him for the 2 hours he was with us and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. He went back to be with the Lord. Was I angry - yes. Did I understand why this happened to us - no. Did I get through it - yep and I am a better person for it. Do I still miss him - uh huh.

I dont tell you this to scare you, but get everything confirmed with the amnio FIRST - then go from there. There was a support group called SHARE that we received help from their local office at the hospital that made everything easier. They gave me books to read about the baby not coming home for my then 4 year old to help her understand. We had genetic testing (I was 36 at the time, hubs was 37) which confirmed that it was nothing that we did to cause it - it was just for lack of a better word - fluke thing that happened. While I wouldn't wish my experience on my worst enemy - my family is stronger today and I feel like there is very little that will get thrown my way in the future that I cant handle.

Today, I am 37 expecting another son in November and he has a clean bill of health. {Pregnancy has been easy like it was with my first son but being pregnant back to back is just blah!) It is by the grace of God and support of family and friends that we made it through and are thankful to have another opportunity to be parents.

I pray you have a positive outcome - try to relax until you know something for sure. Stay off the internet until then and just be positive. If you want to talk further once you know for sure what is going on - feel free to respond here and I will send you my email address. Be blessed - Corynne
freefromburdens replied to Corygentri's response:
Amanda, I pray for you and your family also. Corygentri, I am a child of God also and reading your story is very encouraging. I will pray for you and your family as well. Both of you guys be blessed.


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