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CVS genetic testing
An_240918 posted:
Hi Ladies,
I have never posted in a forum such as this but my husband & I are not sure what to do. I am 35 yrs old and expecting our 2nd baby May 12th 2012. My dr is strongly recommending that we have all the CVS/genetic tests done. We are not sure that this is necessary. The test results will not change how we approach this baby. We tried for over a year to conceive and will not terminate because of a genetic "problem". My 1st pregnancy was perfect and we have a beautiful 3 yr old daughter.

Are all the additional tests really necessary? What are your thoughts?

Thank you for any & all comments/thoughts.
phoenix31674 responded:
I was 35, 36 when DS was born. I never had amnio or CVS pushed on me, but then again I was using German health care due to military posting and they do things differently here.

Unless something shows up in your level II ultrasound, I don't see there would be a 'routine' need for CVS - especially since you are prepared to love the baby no matter what. We were as well. Level II ultrasounds can do a very good job checking for Downs Syndrome. While it can't definitively confirm it in all cases, it can definitely rule it out.

Even if the markers had shown up in my ultrasound, I would not have done the testing because of the small risk of miscarriage.

Remember, these tests are voluntary and you are fully in your right to say 'no thank you'. The blood tests can provide some info and let you make an informed decision about further testing, but again, it's completely up to you. Some people would rather be prepared than surprised by some sort of disability. I forget what the blood tests can show you.

BTW, my son was perfectly healthy. Remember, the odds are in your favor for a perfectly healthy baby despite all the doom and gloom you hear about 'older' moms. Go with your gut on this and don't let your doc pressure you into any testing you don't feel comfortable with.

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