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Light Cycle, early signs, or possible trouble?
heartversushead posted:
I'm 37, and wasn't trying, but can't tell if I had PMS symptoms or early pregnancy symptoms last week, but I had unprotected sex around the time I ovulated last month. I took a test last Weds, 10/26 that was a light positive. I had symptoms I normally do not experience prior to AF, which was due Mon or Tues and ended up showing up on Sat am. I took another test first urine of the day on Sat, 10/29 but it was blank! So I took another test later in the am, and it was negative, plus I started a very light flow. It was dark brown (rust colored) all Sat, but wasn't constant all day. So I figured it was AF. Sun there was some bright red mixed with it, but mostly it was dark brown and still not enough to coat more than half a tampon. Sorry TMI. It finished 11/2, but was light Sat thru Wednesday. I still am exhausted, have cold like symptoms, and get a little dizzy late in the am and about mid day. Could be a cold coming on or could be something else. How long should I wait to test again and do you think I could still possibly be + even with the last hpt being neg and a light cycle? I really thought I was since I BD twice the day I think I ovulated, but the light cycle and - test made me think no such luck this time. I wasn't trying and when I thought I might be +, I got excited. So when what I assume was a light AF started, I have to admit I was disappointed. Thoughts? thanks!
heartversushead responded:
Well, after a light , what I presumed was AF coming but being lighter and more brown than I'm used to, and a - hpt, I took one more, just out of curiosity this am and it's also - so I guess maybe stress caused a completely different AF for me. We'll see what she brings this month...
918kia replied to heartversushead's response:
I wouldn't be so quick to assume you aren't pregnant. The month I found out, I had a really weird period - shorter and lighter than normal. It was almost like dark spotting. I also felt exhausted and my breasts were tender after the "period" was over. So, I took a test and it was positive (this was about 5 weeks pregnant). It could be that it's still too early for you to get an accurate reading....or that the blood was "implantation bleeding." I would call my OB to make sure. You never know....good luck!
heartversushead replied to 918kia's response:
thank you so much for sharing your experience and your words of encouragement! Assuming it WAS AF, I haven't ever used OPK tests, but this week was supposed to be my most fertile time, and I usually have an abundance of EWCM, but this week, it's been very little, which is really unusual for me! despite working out 5 days a week and eating healthy, I've gained a couple pounds, but the exhaustion has subsided some, and the dizziness as well. So yesterday we BD and this am and this evening as well. The - tests really hurt, to my surprise, even though we weren't trying last month! That one faint got me so excited. So it crushed me to think AF not only showed up anyways, but a day early! And then 2 - tests. AF is due again 11/24, so I'm hoping not to see her! It WOULD be SO cool if she doesn't come and a blood test showed like you said, that it was just too soon the first few times I got the BPN. Thanks for helping keep hope alive

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