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bscholz9206 posted:
and I will be 35 in January.Is there really a higher risk for problems if I do get pregnant after 35? My husband and I have been talking more about starting a family but I am worried about all the problems I could encounter.I am going to be going to an OBGYN in a week due to an abnormal pap smear.
ami_nix responded:
At 35-36 you are considered AMA (Advanced maternal age) and will be considered "high-risk". However, the risks at your age are much lower than if you were older. I had my son at age 36 (he's 6 months old) and I had some problems (gestational diabetes and preeclampsia) but, they could all be attributed to being overweight, My sweet little one is completely healthy. Also, at age 35, because you are considered high-risk your insurance will cover alot more visits and ultrasounds and my OB said that AMA moms receive more specialized attention in order to avoid any issues. At this point, if you want to be a mother, I wouldn't let your age deter you.

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I'm 36 and already have a great 11yr old daughter. Plus a wonderful great Hubby that I love a lot.

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