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Morning sickness already
mls1174 posted:
Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone had advice on how to get through this. Its been 5 years since my last baby and I'm older. I'm sick all day long. I'm 7weeks on Monday and never had morning sickness this soon. I'm eating saltines and drinking what ever I can keep down. Some days I can drink water and then like today I cant. Sweet tea is ok. I do drink sprite but only if its flat. I cant really leave the house because I'm scared of throwing up in my car while driving and not making it to the bathroom. I tried to eat chicken noodle soup last night but nope that wasnt working. Spit is another thing I'm having a problem with. I had it with my last baby. To much is not a good thing. I get sick on just having to much of it. I do have a calender that I mark off and I'm counting the weeks down to when this morning sickness will be over and even though it really doesnt help I only have 5 weeks left give or take. Baby dust to all!!!!! Thank you for all you help
truewyatt responded:
if it is that bad; you should really talk to your OB about it; he or she can prescribe something for you.
I was also told that you can unisom and Vit B to get rid of nausea but becareful since unisom makes you tired.
you can also try ginger and eating small meals and nibbling on crackers.
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mls1174 replied to truewyatt's response:
I called my Dr yesterday and ended up going to the ER. My Dr called in 4mg zofran but that didnt work so he called in another nausea 25mg and that didn work. I'm doing better. They treated me for acid reflex and said I had a UTI but didnt give me a anything for it. I called the ER about it and the Dr didnt even note that I had a UTI after telling me my test came back positive. Dont understand that one. I do have a appt with my Dr on Monday. I'm going to let him know what happened. Not sure how long I've had this and hope that the baby will be ok.

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